JBL 4435 PDF

Specifications. Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system. Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16kHz. Power Handling: W. Crossover Frequency. I’ve got an opportunity to buy a pair of JBL studio monitors for 5K, just wondering is it worth the money. Anybody got this model and can. I agree with the report of Mattera. Pregnant with a very respectable volume, which offer substantial firepower. It takes watts (and big) to make them sound.

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jb I don’t know How you would get them in a home, so be thank full for our Do you already have an account? I rarely put more than 20 watts plus peaks into them. Then there is no way a 3 way system can image with a two, way. Zonker92Oct 20, Welcome to AK, Cold Spider! TradefolderNov 5, Last edited by a moderator: They are the dream come true!

The will extend that some. It’s just that these came hbl and, with them, it doesn’t appear to be heavy-lifting to make the conversion now. Divide it again and you get about 95 watts, for dB, in a decent-sized room. On the other hand, if you really want to fire them up, a big Crown or Mac amp or a beefy receiver would exploit their full, awesome potential. A medium air very acute, the Pavilion, and the double 38 4345 sends good.


Extended version of theproduced by Parallel and advanced during the same jbk, this model compared to the latter an extension of severe and extreme severe in terms of output capacity and bandwidth. I’m kinda thinkin Mcintosh might be the way I go on these Virtually a crime that the and others like it are no longer produced. WAF is likely better, though, with the ‘s. Your nickname or email address: All opinions would be appreciated!! They need about 9 or 10 feet to even out.

Approaching the best of the very best Virtually a crime that the and others like it are no longer produced.

HUGE Single 1 Pc. JBL 4435 Studio Monitor Speaker

I currently have marantz recievers,B, dc, ect They are very efficient and don’t need a lot of power. Would a MC be a good choice? You must log in or sign up to reply here. I power my ‘s with an MC and if I had my hands on a pair of ‘s I’d go with the same amp as a minimum. Let me know your 44435.

JBL 4435 vs JBL 4343B

I am totally amazed what these speakers can do to fill the room mwith instruments all over the place. The bass extension, sensitivity, distortion, power handling and max output are substantially better.

Your Marantz is 35 watts? It probably puts out about watts RMS. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by Cold 4453Dec 7, Our members also liked: They also lack a little in the deep bass as do the Ls and a true subwoofer is a real benefit.


Originally 435 by TonyM. It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself. Yes, my password is: Yes, my password is: This is the first set of JBL speakers I have ever owned. In no particular order, I would look at 1 the output voltage of your source; 2 the input impedance of your receiver; 3 the settings on your receiver; 4 all your connections; 5 your JBL speaker terminals; 6 your JBL L pads; and 7 your JBL biamp switches. I have AL Radian diaphragms in my horns, so no Ti harshness.

I’m in need of advice for powering my just arrived JBL speakers. The latest DD really doesn’t need the super tweeter unless mice cats and dogs are present.

JBL vs JBL B | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

I can’t even imagine hitting these with 75 watts. BTW – I have the s to do this with.

It’s really all about music. Thats a new MC if you don’t need peaks. Having had both, I assure you that the jl are dramatically better in terms of bass extension, bass impact and overall midrange smoothness.