Jawhara al-Tawhid. Public. · Hosted by Meem Institute. Interested. clock. Every Friday, Oct 27, – Jan 19, · UTC+ Event ended about 9 months ago. An Outpouring of Subtleties upon the Pearl of Divine Oneness – Fayd al-Latīf ‘alā Jawharah al-Tawhīd by Allie Khalfe. In the name of Allah. Snippets of the text Support by donating to Islamictext Cape Town and assist with the spread of Knowledge and Education Partial introduction In the Name of.

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If a man does it with excellence, he will find forgiveness. The Arabic word for mankind is insanwhich is derived from the root nasiyameaning to forget or err. Salutations upon the best of creation, the purest of souls, the most elevated in status, the seal of Prophethood, Muhammad peace be upon him. Please can you provide a more specific date for the publication of the your monograph on the Jawhara? Scholars agree that one of the treasures of revelation [ wahi ] is that it has the potential to purify the human being in a holistic sense.

On the usage of the basmalah. The science of Tawhid is the underlying pillar of all other sciences, and is referred to as Scholastic Theology or the Foundation of Faith. Those who give fatwas never cease to differ, and so this one permits something while that one forbids it, without one finding fault with the other when he knows of his position.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – English commentary by Allie Khalfe – The IslamicText Institute

The text, volume 1, deals with the differences of opinions and subtleties regarding Lordship and is about pags in length. It is said that its root is lah and that the alif and lam are added to exalt it. On the word ism in the basmalah. As for the idafithis is a starting point before the intended act, even though something might have preceded it like the basmalah.

Jawhara al-Tawhid

You are commenting using your Facebook account. One who is upright, truthful and honest.

Peace and blessings upon our master, Muhammad, his family, companions, and those who follow them until the last day. He is the true actual Existent, while everything other than He is ephemeral, perishing and worthless except in relation to Him. It is currently being proof read and should be ready by June this yearAllah Willing. The alif and lam take the place of the hamza.


I pray that Allah accepts him; that He strengthens him and aids him. Bishr bin al-Harith al-Hafi.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – The Precious Jewel of Divine Oneness | The Ash’aris

Free is He from the imperfection of having any deficiency and its opposites[2]. The text of Imam Laqqani is one that is studied and taught at many institutions around the world, and has indeed received tremendous accolade over the centuries.

Shaykh Allie Khalfe has chosen to present a gift to his family and to his fellow countrymen of South Africa — in it are the rare and expensive jewels of Al-Jawharah al- Tawhid. The Arabic word sahih translates as authentic or correct. This has brought about a unique attachment and relationship with the Islamic lands of Africa, Asia and the entire Islamic realm, which is increasing around the globe.

How then do we respond to the next human being who might err? Grammarians though differ on its origin and jahara. It is the Name of the One who is far beyond description in terms of physical touch [ misas ]. I have added sample screenshots of the contents below and request your duas for success with this endeavour.

Jawhaa son, Shaykh Allie Khalfe, is an intelligent student of knowledge. Email required Address never made public. As for the grammarians of Kufathey prefer the root of wasama [22] meaning to symbolize.

Jawhara al-Tawhid – English commentary by Allie Khalfe

I request from him to pray for us, his teachers and the entire Muslim ummah. Standard Bank Account name: I have read the chapters that have been translated into English and found myself content with them.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I request from him to remain sincere in his knowledge and to make good use of it. This particular work, on the subject of beliefs, does not ignore the remaining two facets of the religion [ al-din ], as will be made clear once the reader engages tawhiid text.


One of the objectives of seeking sacred knowledge, as well as the sending of the messengers is to refine tawhd moral character [ akhlaq ] of the human being. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sibuway said that it is like mankind [ al-nas ], which is derived from the root anas.

His work has brought forth such clarity that it has facilitated many students of knowledge to experience the easiest and most accessible jawhwra to understand the various Islamic sciences. He, who undertakes the translation of the text of knowledge and philosophy, is required to take heed of the minute details, for there might be some differences between the original text and the translation, as is the case with my introduction being translated from the Arabic to English.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. My late teacher Moulavi Babu Sahib Singapore has made a commentary on that book. It is the greatest of all the Names, because it refers to the Supreme Essence, in which is synthesised all the perfection of the Divine Qualities.

Then I saw in a dream a sheet of paper. Indeed, he would represent the entire humanity as a luminous light permeating all the land.

I received the request to write an introduction to this text by my student and brother, Ustadh Allie Khalfe, a student of sacred knowledge at Al-Azhar al-Sharif during mid Jumadi ula,according to the Islamic calendar, in the blessed city of Cairo, may Allah preserve it. It is my dearest hope that this translation will taqhid the English reader with a clear and beneficial example of Islamic Theology.

Imam Laqqani was one of the renowned scholars of the Al-Azhar al-Sharif, in the jaahara century of Islam approximately years ago and, needless to say, research into his Jawharah and into the discipline of theology continues to this day at the Azhar al-Sharif.