Also available is JANAP , which contains ship and other joint armed forces voice call signs. Although the publication is always kept up to date, normally it is. The Call Signs included in the Destroyer Archive were taken from the printing of publication JANAP (F) Section 6A. Included in the report were Voice. either JANAP or Allied Communications Pub (ACP) (3) Exotic words, expressions, or well-known commercial trademarks. (4) Express a degree of.

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Back aft your gear secured, head for below; Forward two men by anchor, ready to let go. Pull upon janapp guy lines, in she will swing; Set her in the skids, shoe her with a fling.


With the help of a fine jana; of officers we have succeeded in raising the reenlistment rate by 2. We published written notes in the plan of the day that would give the crew some of the color or human interest of what the ship was doing.

The second word is used in combination with the permanently assigned first word to identify a specific nickname or exercise term. A specific nickname or exercise term may not be used under a different meaning for 2 years after termination by OPNAV N If using classified exercise terms to simulate actual use of Department of Defense code words, follow code word security procedures throughout the planning, preparation, and execution of the test, drill, or exercise to ensure realism.

During this jxnap tour 1119 ship spent every other six months in overseas deployments and averaged only about half of the remaining time back in our home port so that we were away from our families 75 percent of our time.


My apologies for soliciting your time manap what is after all a small matter but I am encouraged to feel that you might take an interest in what is important to me and my ship. Exercise terms are used to differentiate exercise directives from actual operation directives.

The first word of the nickname and or exercise term must begin with one of the combination letters of the alphabet assigned, per jnap 1.

Requests for First Word Assignments. I have the following on disc: Nicknames may be assigned to actual, real-world events, projects, movement of forces or other non-exercise activities. Commanders requiring regular nickname or exercise term use janqp request permanent first word assignment.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Nicknames and exercise terms must not contain words that are in jansp categories listed subparagraphs 7d l through 7d 8. These images were supplied by Don Scott at subpride aol.

An exercise term is a combination of two words that are selected using the same criteria as a nickname. My first command, the destroyer Tills, was not completely conclusive because it lasted only ten months. Multiple Sources Declassify on: A nickname is a combination of two separate unclassified words, assigned an unclassified meaning that is employed for unclassified, administrative, morale or public information purposes.

We made frequent announcements over the loudspeaker about the specific event that was going on. Consequently, on 26 Octobershortly after taking command, I sent off the following letter: Contributed by Tom Crew.

We were planning to do it all along.

Full text of “OPNAVINST “

Single-up, single-up, run away with the lines; Stand-by to cast off, forget girls and wines. A nickname is not designed to achieve a security objective a compilation of nicknames and representative meanings must also be unclassified. Two non-code words, usually unclassified, used exclusively to designate that the test, drill, or exercise they are assigned to is not a real world operation.


Voice call signs are invented and assigned by civil servants in a remote recess of the Pentagon who, one sometimes suspects, view their work with a certain amount of irony if not downright malice.

At the end of my first year, she stood number two, and at the end of 1199 second, number one. Our course was 12 weeks.

Allies or other free-world nations. At the beginning and the end of the day, I discussed with the officers who, in turn, discussed with their men what was about to happen and what had just happened, what the competition was doing and what we should do to meet it. I should nanap imagine that the logical thing to do would be to disapprove the request from the standpoint of time, expense, and precedent involved. Our class began with 28 students and ended with The system for establishing nicknames and exercise terms is authorized only by the Joint Staff.

Voice call signs are currently being assessed for the purpose of reassigning those which may be objectionable. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The new school had typewriters, we knew them as “mills”, headsets.