Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. TRANSCRIPTION OF JAMES JAMERSON’S BASSLINE TO. “YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING” by THE TEMPATIONS by PAUL WOLFE -to-play-bass. com. Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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I can hear every last articulation!

They are all viewable in full size and high quality please note they are all large pdf files between 5 basss 10 mb each, however each will open in a new browser window. Thanks for a wonderful resource! Posts made outside of the thread will be removed and asked to be reposted. Amazingly the majority of them were improvised from chord symbols.

Bass submitted 2 years ago by DaveSperanza.

Bass Transcription: James Jamerson on “What’s Going On” — Dave Speranza

This is a great example of using bass as functional counterpoint – an uamerson that has unfortunately seems to jwmerson been squashed in modern music. I am so thrilled! Check the sidebar, the FAQ, and search for your answer before making a post. I had no intention of eBaying this stuff, no intention of wanting to ‘own’ such things either. Studio B was mostly for orchestral overdubs.

He was curious how I actually obtained them, and even asked if the bass tracks were actually me playing, to which of course I replied how flattered I was at the mere suggestion. In a interview with Bass Guitar magazine, McCartney recalled his training on the instrument: I can’t tell you how useful and fascinating it’s been to have those naked Jamerson bass transcriltions. Here are some comments I’ve gotten about my isolated Motown tracks. ABC Wilton Felder Resist the urge to start “gig pic” “bass face” and “family photo” threads.


I wanted the documents to stay in Detroit, and personally I believe they are a very transcritpions part of African American history, aside from music and Detroit history.

When I asked Randy if I could reprint his story on my site, he asked that I include the following info: What I found still blows my mind. One of my fondest memories is transcri;tions on the beach in the Bahamas with Martha and listening to her tell a few great Motown stories, as only she could tell them.

And of course jamerson and Kaye’s work. Lets just say I am far FAR from being a wealthy person. It seemed to me the world was getting smaller by the minute.

Jazz Capacitor | Bass Transcriptions | JAMES JAMERSON

You can read more here:. Motown Bass I’ve made these tracks available for non-profit educational purposes only, and ask the public to respect the copyright owners and to not copy, reproduce, or use them for any other reason. I think those fat, warm tones they preferred helped free them up to do interesting stuff.


We lost many important historical structures in the process, including the Donovan and Sanders buildings. Yes, it is very blown out, and third world as far as modern cities go. It’s really wonderful of you to make them available, it took some work and I really appreciate it.


Detroit is a great place with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The most important thing was the producers’ studio notes for the month that “Whats Goin On” was recorded. The tone is amazing, a little dirty too,which I never noticed before, wow. How did this happen?

Canceled check xeroxes from Ed Sullivan, the Tonight Show – all sorts of things. All the famous producers and arrangers– just crazy. The images can be viewed in jamerso three Motown Docs pdf files. I’m just a junkie for this stuff. Once again, I offer these Motown tracks for study purposes only and clearly with good intention for the bass community.

Or is that his own muting technique? The bassline on this track is a study in itself. Then start here and learn more about my Bass lessons.