Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jun 1, , James Corner and others published Terra Fluxus }. Terra. Fluxus. James Corner. Line, New York, ; view of hard and organic surfaces bleeding into one. JAMES CORNER. TERRA FLUXUS 0 23 . Terra Fluxus, a landscape urbanism essay by James Corner, is a new theory for landscape architecture where gives more importance to the process but also.

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rhea shepherd — ‘Terra Fluxus’ – James Corner

Corner explains how architecture and landscape should be perceived as one entity, rather than independent of one another, separated by use and appearance. The landscape has a strong affiliation with nature, but the city seems to dominate in the importance of urban society.

Whenever the term landscape is used a vision of vast green fields appears subconsciously in the minds eye. These landscapes are perceived as an amenity to the city, taking on a partisan role — a supporter of the ever evolving, ever growing, ever spreading, built environment.

Corner continues to emphasise the importance of landscape, he stresses how it is undervalued and unappreciated in its relationship with the city. The ideal would be that the landscape and the built environment could be of equal value to the cities growth and development, for them to work in unison, harmony, as integral parts of each other.

It is evident that for the urban society to grow and corneer, we as architects, engineers and planners will need to redefine our definitions. The possibilities of vast scale shifts across both time and space, working synoptic maps alongside the intimate recordings of local circumstance, comparing cinematic and choreographic techniques to spatial notation, entering the algebraic, digital space of the computer while messing around with paint, clay and ink and engaging real estate developers and engineers alongside the highly specialised imagineers and poets of contemporary culture — all these activities and more seem integral to any real and significant practice of synthetic urban projection.


To create this urban projection Corner suggests that there should be an intertwining relationship between the design, the user, the existing and the lfuxus, no individual aspect should be valued above the other.

We can only predict from precedents how the user may fluuxus a book in the space, or how the occupiers — a plant may grow, develop and change with the seasons or how the existing building will intertwine into the space forming an extension.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

All of these aspects can take control away from the designer. Landscape urbanism cannot be based on a designers requirements, wants and desires but upon the development and growth of the city as a whole, we do not need to define where the street stops and the park begins but allow the space to define and programme itself. On a cold, bright Saturday morning in January a brisk walk around the local park is exactly what most of us need to lose a bit of the festive weight and uphold our new years resolutions to stay healthy, be more active, and do more exercise.

By definition yes the nicknamed Walkie talkie is a place for the enjoyment of the public, subject to booking and security checks and it does provide facilities for rest.

However for me personally a park is a place where adults and children can play. The sub tropical nature of the planting which banks around the centrally located eateries and bars, is reminiscent of a green house. The staircases to the east and west perimeter edges leaves little space for rest to enjoy these views, which for me are better corne the southern view.


Granted the external viewing deck is impressive with a central view terrz Shard. In terms of design the central staging of the restaurants seems at odds with all other tower restaurants.

To locate a restaurant at the top of a tower with limited or no views would be better located on the ground floor where footfall is undoubtably higher. Generally buildings are smaller at the top than the bottom.

The expanding floor plates increase both the efficiency and financial viability of the scheme although it does raise questions as to whether there are land ownership, trespass or infringement rights. In conclusion the carbuncle cup winning death ray building impacts on the river, the historic buildings and on the neighbouring buildings.

If the jwmes is profitable to the city and provides a good working environment with financial gain so be it, but one thing this is not is a public park which is of enormous value to the general public. Posts Ask me anything ME!! Website for Limbo, Margate. Artists studios, project space and exhibitions programme. See this in the app Show more.