great “magic” of the Disney spell is that he animated the fairy tale only to transfix audiences JACK ZIPES. Breaking the Disney Spellt. It was not once upon a. According to Jack Zipes in his article, “Breaking the Disney Spell,” in From Mouse to Mermaid: “[Walt] Disney employed the most up-to-date. 2 Rumpelstiltskin and the Decline of Female Productivity. 3 Breaking the Disney Spell. 4 Spreading Myths about Iron John. 5 Oz as American Myth.

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But Disney’s film is also an attack on the literary tradition of the fairy tale. Of course, the hero will do anything to obtain the king’s daughter, and he must disguise himself as a masked bullfighter.

Anonymous April 10, at 2: The queen is not only jealous that Snow White is more beautiful than she is, but she also sees the prince singing to Snow White and is envious because her stepdaughter has such a handsome suitor.

Though the forest and disey animals do not speak, they are anthropomorphized. At first, the hero does not want puss’s help, nor will he buy her the boots that she sees in a shop window. That’s how we got fairy breakjng as we know them today, after all. On the contrary, Disney employed the most up-to- date technological means and used his own “American” grit and ingenuity to appropriate the European fairy tales.

Tales of Faerie: Jack Zipes-Breaking the Disney Spell

This site uses cookies. However, the book form enabled the reader to withdraw from his or her society and to be alone with a tale. Here one is brought together with other viewers not for the development of community but to be diverted in the French sense of divertissement and American sense of diversion.

As producer of the fairy-tale films and major owner of the Disney studios, he wanted to figure in the film and sought, as Crafton has noted, to create a more indelible means of self-figuration. In fact, it is noteworthy that Disney’s very first endeavors in animation not considering the breakibg commercials he made were the fairy-tale adaptations that he produced with Ub Iwerks in Kansas City between You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Most important in the late nineteenth century splel the rise of folklore as an institution and various schools of literary criticism that dealt with fairy tales and folk tales.


Foundational Essay: Zipes’ “Breaking the Disney Spell”

As a whole, it formed a multi-vocal network of discourses through which writers used familiar motifs, topoi, protagonists, and plots symbolically to comment on the civilizing process and socialization in their respective countries. In fact, the French fairy tales heightened the aspect of the chosen aristocratic elite who were always placed at the center of zjpes seventeenth and eighteenth century narratives. How did this notion emanate? Almost all the early animators were men, and their pens and camera work assume a distinctive phallic function in early animation.

Jack Zipes New York: These tales did not represent communal values but rather the vales of a particular writer. Zipes argues the changes were not momentous. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

In printed form the fairy tale was property and could be taken by its owner and read by its owner at his or her leisure for escape, consolation, or inspiration. After all, Disney came from a relatively poor family, suffered from the exploitative and stern treatment of an unaffectionate father, was spurned by his early sweetheart, and became a success due to his tenacity, cunning, and courage and his ability to gather talented artists and managers like his brother Roy around him.

By the turn of the twentieth century, many animators had redefined fairy tales through their interpretations of them through imagery. It did not matter what story was projected just as long as the images astounded the audience, captured its imagination for a short period of time, and left the people laughing or staring in wonderment.

Fairy Tale Traditions Search: The hero upsets the king and runs off with his prize possession, the virginal princess.

Breaking the Disney Spell by Cassie Beckman on Prezi

Fill in your details below or click diseny icon to log in: Such male framing drives women to frustration and some women to the point of madness. If children or adults think of the great classical fairy tales today, be it Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, they will think Walt Disney. Notify me of new comments via email.

She returns to life when the prince, who has searched far and wide for her, arrives and bestows a kiss on her lips. The prince appears at the very beginning of the film on a white horse and sings a song of love and devotion to Snow White.

Part of the animation game consisted of developing zipse that gave the animator some sort of special status.


Their actions are what counts in defeating evil. The social repercussions of this are vast in that it suggests that nothing we read or view can be considered clean of authorial bias.

The imposition of childish behavior on the dwarves, Snow White’s resulting mothering, the age ambiguities in both Snow White and the dwarves, the “Cinderella” elements, and the suppression of any form of sexuality were transmitted by that theatrical tradition, which embodied a thoroughly developed philosophy of moral education in representations for children.

He came always as a conqueror, never as a servant. In his examinations of key classical fairy tales, Zipes traces their unique metamorphoses in history with stunning discoveries that reveal their ideological relationship to domination and oppression.

Was Disney making a statement on behalf of the masses? Adam struart February 1, at 7: As oral folk tales, they were intended to explain natural occurrences such as the change of the seasons and shifts in the weather or to celebrate the rites of harvesting, hunting, marriage, and conquest.

They were part and parcel of the class struggles in the discourses of that period. In brsaking the animals befriend Snow White and become her protectors. So, she convinces the th to help her make the cottage tidy so that the dwarfs will perhaps let her stay there. Then she uses a hypnotic machine to defeat the bull and another fairly new invention, the automobile, to escape the king.

Zipes contends that by simplifying this oedipal complex semiotically through animation and satirizing it in order to create common appeal, Disney also touches on other themes: Though the illustrations often enriched and deepened a tale, they were generally subservient to the text.

They were part of the class struggles in the discourses of that period. Despite the implications of these themes, Zipes argues that Disney was not acting as a rabble-rouser for social change.

He has learned, with the help of Puss, that one can achieve glory jacj deception. The fairy tale had to fit into the French salons, dieney, and courts of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie if it was to establish itself as a genre.