The Anome (Durdane, #1), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra (Durdane, #3), and Durdane. One of life’s great pleasures is hunting out old Jack Vance paperbacks. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a. The Demon Princes was the first major series Jack Vance wrote—or at least started. Begun in with The Star King, the effort proved difficult.

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He nearly pulls it off. Anyway, Durdane is second-tier Vance in my estimation but still contains much of interest especially for the Vance afficianado. Will all this mean that Etzelwane will have to take power himself, and then disrupt jwck shit out of this classic scifi backwards-irrational planet with some good old-fashioned bourgeois revolution?

When each citizen becomes of age, he or she is forced to wear a ring or “torc” around the neck. A single Roguskhoi can handle ten equally armed men in combat, but the Roguskhoi have only simple weapons such as clubs so the challenge is to invent and manufacture new more technologically advanced weapons that can turn the odds in the fight against the Roguskhois.

Durdane series

His prose is taut and tightly-crafted and there is little or no wasted Nobody spins the “young citizen provocateur who monkey-wrenches the status quo and topples the oppressive authoritarian regime ” story more effectively vane Jack Vance.

The sprinkling in of local laws and customs, the depictions of unusual social systems that add flavor to the narrative and the recounting of legends of the ancient past which may hold clues about the present. It is a short durrdane by modern standards, with pages and very wide margins. The Durdane Trilogy, of which this is the first volume, is set on a planet called Shant.

Durdane Series by Jack Vance

Scott rated it it was amazing Jul 16, I found the story intriguing and grew to empathise with Etzwane in spite of his oddly detached and understated care and compassion for his mother.

De Rode mensen vallen steeds vaker aan, doden mannen, ontvoeren vrouwen en kinderen.

This is my first Vance book, and I really enjoyed it. The Anome is the opening book in the Durdane Trilogy and gives a solid introduction into the world of Durdane. The imminence of the threat effective, the humans of Durdance live in relative, albeit heavily restricted, peace. Open Preview See a Problem? Vance is nou niet bepaald een auteur voor als je poetische proza verwacht, maar meer een recht door zee schrijver Het is een verhaal dat uitnodigt om door te lezen.


Mur escapes, visits various places around the world, encounters the threat of a subhuman group of raiders known as the Rogushkoi, who are ravaging parts of the land. He also meets a man named Ifness from Earth a much more technologically advanced world who is visiting Durdane undercover as a Research Fellow for the Historical Institute. Marco rated it liked it Mar 07, Open Preview See a Problem?

Vance reveals how complacency sets within an utopian society. He discovers Ifness in Fontenay’s Inn, somewhat displeased to see him.

Durdane by Jack Vance

When he returns to Bashon, though, he finds that the jwck have been slaughtered by rampaging Roguskhoi, beast men who have been sweeping into Shant from north. There he fights and finally defeats the Asutra on their own turf. Since the Roguskhoi are all males, they can only reproduce by sexual intercourse with human women, and they are insanely lustful.

I prefer to hunt my Vance in the wild rather than purchase farm-reared Vance from Amazon sellers – the hunt is part of the thrill, and life is long so why use it all up at once?

The society is bit backward technologically, relying on horses, wagons, and a system of passenger blimps. The Brave Free Duurdane 3. Alas, it’s not a match to the durdand two, but a rather nasty Ace edition from with paper so coarse you could getter a splinter from it. In this series, he might have had a strand with Finnerack and Ifness and thus extended the action and added a bit of depth to the tale.

Refresh and try again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Etzwane lives with his mother with whom he is very close. As usual, Vance’s societies are plausible and unusual, his setting vivid, his details perfect but not overwhelming. Apr 10, Aaron Singleton rated it it was amazing Shelves: His first jak, The Dying Earthwas published in to great acclaim.

The Brave Free Men is more action oriented, continuing the story but focusing more on getting the corrupt government to work properly and motivating the citizens to actively defend themselves against the invading Roguskhoi.


Als hij ontsnapt aan een zware straf wegen Eindelijk weer een beter boek van Vance. I think the Durdane Chronicles are underappreciated by some Vance fans because Vance created some marvelous works of genius that tower over almost everything else in the genre.

It has the structure of those later series, but not the breadth. To ask other readers questions about Durdaneplease sign up. All citizens may petition the Faceless Man for a hearing or decision on issues of concern. Essentially hot air balloons linked via wheeled tracks, the floating devices transport passengers to major urban areas of Durdane along a grid much like a rail and ticket system.

Etzwane does not find the religious order to his liking and decides to strike out on his durfane and become a musician even though it means leaving his nack, sister and home town.

Like most of his work, it is full of color, ornately bizarre cultures and heroic adventure. Described on the back cover of the Coronet edition I read, as Science Fantasy, this novel was first published inand is the first of a trilogy. Ifness’s “no” was for me one of the most powerful moments in Vance. The trilogy was first published in book form durdwne the U.

I find myself trying to peek behind the duedane to see if I can spot the writer at work, and this series of books gives quite an interesting perspective into Vance’s development. Apr 10, TJ rated it really liked it.

I found this one riveting in its endless subculture inventions, the Pure Boys, the vampiric asutra, the crazy religious cults, irresistibly Vancian motifs like color symbology, the comic-treacherous innkeepers, the dazzling descriptions of meals, the 14,canto history of the asutra!

The Faceless Man usually does not interfere with city governments and local laws, but does respond to all petitions and has zero tolerance jacj crime.