I have taken your sample HTML and I have used it to create the ParseHtml2 example. The resulting PDF, , looks like this: enter image description here. This tool parses (X)HTML snippets and the associated CSS and converts them to PDF. XMLWorker is an extra component for iText®. The first XML to PDF. XML Worker is a part of iText 5 – MOVED TO GITHUB. parse (X)HTML(5)/CSS /) to PDF; a framework to parse your own XML to PDF.

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XML Worker for HTML snippets

Nitish Saini 21 4. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

FileInputStream ; import java. I used this code snippet: Bear in mind, the attributes from the font tag won’t be taken into account, the same counts for some of the attributes from the table tag. BrunoLowagie Yes Sir, you have right. TagProcessorFactory ; import com. ElementHandlerPipeline ; import com. PdfWriterPipeline ; import com. Tags there are the defaults listed.


Then no conversion is done by the XMLWorker.

iText 5 XML Worker | iText Developers

At first sight, I don’t see any issues with the Polish characters. I’ve got a string with an example in it – it works really great, irext when I’m adding polish letters, they’re gone.

CssAppliersImpl ; import com. ElementList ; import com. I think your best option is to implement a TagProcessor for font, or add it to the TagFactory so that it maps to something existing. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If I’m correct it is better to define a width for your tables, then the XMLWorker does not have to try and fit text in it. DateFormat ; import java.

Please check the attachments.

IOException ; import java. We also tried using flying-saucer which also uses iText 2.

Do you see the Standard Type 1 font Helvetica? Search everywhere only in this topic. It’s usually not even valid html.

In reply to this post by Mark Tk. How to add polish letters? It’s better to write measures in points pt. I tried something like this:.


HTML to PDF with XMLWorker

Hi Balder, I most certainly agree with that. TagProcessor this way the text in the font tag will be in the PDF and handled as the span tag. I tried something like this: PipelineException ; import com.

Sincerely, Mark On Sun, Oct 16, at 1: I appreciate giving your time to us. CssResolverPipeline ; import com. AbstractImageProvider ; import com.

NuGet Gallery | ker

CSSResolver ; import com. Mark On Sat, Oct 15, at 9: Date ; import java. You can easily write a TagProcessor that does support the font tag as you see fit.