Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utplaladeva: Verses on the Recognition of the Lord [Lise F. Vail, Bansi Pandit] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. TL;DR: Read this PDF document I created. Let me start off by posting a useful chart from Isabelle RatiĆ© paper “In Search of Utpaladeva’s. The Isvara-pratyabhijna-karika of Utpaladeva is written in couplets of karika style. Abhinavagupta referred to such couplets as sutras, a highly condensed form of.

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The isvqra direct application pratyyabhijna Panca-kritya the observation of the five actions of consciousness is Vikalpa Kshayaliterally meaning “dissolution of thoughts”. Another meaning of the “middle” is that of void or emptinessbut it does not refer to a lack of cognition, rather, it is a lack of duality in cognition.

It contains only one chapter, although in the Vivrti-vimarfinT it has been analysed in two chapters. The third book, named the Aganuidhikdra, deals with scriptural knowledge.

Utpaladeva was not only a great philosopher, but also a master of beautiful and sweet devotional stotra poetry, contained in his Siva-stotravali, which is even now popularly sung by the pandits of Kashmir. The second chapter deals with the nature and character of seven types of living beings. In addition, he isvxra the author of the Siva-drsti Somananda as his preceptor.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utpaladeva by Bansi Pandit

The ordinary mental calculations of a person are based on past impressions and constitute the bondage of a worldly being. The existence and the character of the Absolute Truth are accepted to be self-evident. Commentary Everyone knows himself as T, but does not know the truth of his real nature pratyabhiina character.

Abhinavagupta’s Tantrasara is simply a prose summary of his Tantraloka. Pratywbhijna fundamental principle of the objective manifestation of all objects in the world, existing as one with the universal Subject and appearing as ditfercnt trom finite subjects, has been discussed at length.


The term Trika was used by Abhinavagupta to represent the entire Kashmir Shaivism or to designate the Pratyabhijna system.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utplaladeva – Utpala – Google Books

Such a variety of manifestations accounts for this complex, incredible phenomenal existence. It does not mean any actual knowing [of the past knowledge by the present one]. Almighty God, ruling over the great gods such as Brahma, Visnu, Rudra, fsvara, and Sadasiva, Ddsyam is the position of the servant for whom each and every thing is provided by the master, who takes care of him in all situations.

The existence of mental impressions is acceptable to both sides and that is sufficient to explain all the varieties of psychological activities prevalent in the world.

Commentary Both an objective past experience and a consequent present recollection of that event belong to one and the same person, in whom both psychological functions occur. Published December 15th by Motilal Banarsidass,India. He notes that the enlightening of an object by means of a pramana differs considerably in accordance with a person’s liking and aims, as well as according to the usual denotations of speech and thought utilised by the knowing subject.

For a liberated being, the world appears as a simple objectivity not denoted by any word-image with conventional meaning. Even though it shares the same practices relating to the ascension of kundalini on the middle channel sushumna nadiPratyabhijna believes in instantaneous progression while the Krama school in gradual progression.

Here, the scholar understands himself to be interpreting the text at hand from within the same livaru-pratyabhijha-karika xii philosophical and theological stance as that in which the text itself stands. This chapter also includes a long discussion exploring the truth regarding the process of refuting the correctness of a mistaken cognition on the basis pratyabhojna a subsequent correct one.

Living beings are aware of themselves, and of insentient objects as well, because these objects are reflected in them through the pathways of their senses and minds. Katherine Freeman, Joan Gordon, Dr. Utpaladeva utilises subtle logical arguments aimed at establishing the existence of Atman as the basic recollector. Thus, all cognitions being limited perceptions of the absolute, are illusions, on account of containing a sense of duality.


According to Samkhya, these twenty-three tattvas have their basic origin prayyabhijna prakrti, but Kashmir Saivism attributes their ultimate origin to Introduction Iv Paramasiva, the Absolute Lord. If it becomes sentient, then the existence of Atman becomes unnecessary. The Spanda-kdrikd reflects the same knowledge as is dealt with in the Siva Sutras, although it is a philosophical treatise and not an Agama.

This principle has been designated His divine power of action, kriya-sakti. The next couplet proves knowing and doing to be the nature of each living being. Books by Bansi Pandit.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika Of Utpaladeva Verses Of Recognition Of Lord Pandit B. N. MLBD

Each momentary state of mind gives rise to another similarly temporary mental state, with each becoming extinct just pragyabhijna having arisen. It is a mere concept based on imagination. The Vijfianavada school aimed at a logical refutation of the principle of Atman as an existent reality that witnesses and directs the whole internal apparatus of being. A logical objection raised by the Vijnanavadins against the pratyabhinna argument, put forth by scriptural thinkers, is presented in the next two couplets.

All that depends on the tree will ol the Lord, with regard to the playful manifestation of His divine essence.