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The Library of Congress has been designated the maintenance authority for ISO for alpha-3 language codes comprising the International. ISO provides a code consisting of language code elements comprising three-letter language identifiers for the representation of names of living and. ISO is the International Standard for language codes. Part 5 (ISO ) provides a 3 letter code for language families and groups (living and.

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Alpha-3 code for language families and groups ” is a highly incomplete international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization ISO.

It is part of the ISO series of standards. ISO defines alpha-3 3-letter codes, called “collective codes,” that identify language families and groups. As of the February 11, update to ISOthe standard defines collective codes.

ISO Language codes

The standard does not cover all language families used by linguists. The languages covered by a group code need not be linguistically related, but may have a geographic relation, or category relation such as Creoles. Languages, families, or group codes in ISO can be of type “group” g or “remainder group” r. A “group” consists of several related languages; a “remainder group” is a group of several related languages from which some specific languages have been excluded.

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However, in ISOthe “remainder groups” do not exclude any languages. Because ISO and ISO use the same Alpha-3 codes, but do not always refer to the same list of languages for any given code, the languages an Alpha-3 code refers to can’t be determined unless it is known whether the code is used in the context of ISO or ISO The committee draft of ISO was issued on February 23, Voting on the draft terminated on July 5, ; the draft was approved.

Inthe target publication date for the final standard was set at October 30, During the approval stage for the standard, the ISO final draft international standard ballot was not initiated until February 8, Voting ended on April 10, “stage Updates were made in AugustFebruaryand February The ISO code-set represents a very tiny proportion of the language families and groups of the world.

A more complete attempt at coding was ISO withdrawn in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of ISO codes.


Retrieved December 12, Groups and remainder groups in ISO “. ISO list of codes languages.

ISO — guidelines. ISO — variants.

List of ISO codes – Wikipedia

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