Also, you may have existing Web Broker and WebSnap applications that you want to extend but not rewrite. You can still take advantage of IntraWeb’s design. I think IntraWeb is a real RAD tool compared to WebSnap, and it is much much easier to use (specially for Delphi Developpers), I do not understand why Borland . IntraWeb-and-WebSnap delphi IntraWeb and WebSnap example uses the teaching, we can refer to see.

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Now select your choices and click vote. Now select your choices and click vote. If you wish to control this process manually, you would leave AutoProcess to false. In this manner of integration the products are quite complimentary.

After it tabulates the votes it will generate a small chart displaying the results. With best regards, Vitaliy Fursov Canada.

This is the form that we created in Page1Form. Petersburg, Russia and can be reached at cpub Hower. The Final Frontier was truly horrid. IntraWeb is a revolutionary new way to create your web-based applications. But did you notice something? There are a few properties on the form itself that we must set ahd well. Now we need to create an IntraWeb page form.


IntraWeb and WebSnap_百度文库

I agree with the last post, this is crap. We did not even have to write any HTML! It then sets ProduceResponse to False. The dialog is shown here: Page Form as shown below and select OK. This tells IntraWeb not to render this page because we will render it manually, or give WebSnap instructions to do so.

Developer Tools

The event webdnap to look like this: It should look like this: It should look like this: We have put some drawing code in the OnRender event. For more information on application mode please see the Atozed Software website at http: The dialog is shown here:.

This screen is produced by WebSnaps login adapter. The two questions are: More social media choices: The code checks to see weebsnap the user has selected information, and also makes sure that they do not select the same movie for both choices.

You then have a feature that can compete against. If I type in the URL of the target page, it will work without the error. Some of the other IntraWeb demos demonstrate this. Conclusion This article demonstrates just some of the very basic features of IntraWeb while also showing how to integrate with WebSnap.

Intraweb + WebSnap – delphi

For this form we have created only one event. Use of WebSnap session management with IntraWeb. Is any plans to move there? Next we created a new WebSnap page module. This instructs the form to generate links that will send the data back to this same form.


Running the Demo We have now covered the important parts of the demo itself.

First compile and run the demo and then run the Web Application Debugger from the Tools menu. Your application module should now look like this: Canvas do begin Brush. Tobject ; var i: Instead we will start with a bank page form, PageResultsForm.

Now lets go back and link Page1Module to Page1Form. It should look like this:. Page Form as shown below and select OK. The Voyage home was good wasn”t it? Development Modes IntraWeb supports two modes of development, application mode and page mode. This article however will focus on page mode. It looks like this:. After serveral votes it might look something like this: Finally we give WebSnap instructions to render a different page module to display the results.

It then sets ProduceResponse to False.