The InfoPrint AFP Driver software lets you produce Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) output from desktop applications so you can use the powerful features. If you are interested in using the powerful features of AFP in a wide range of environments, you might want to install and use the InfoPrint AFP driver with. OS/ and PSF are trademarks of the IBM Corporation. AFP, InfoPrint and Ricoh are registered trademarks of Ricoh Production Print Solutions LLC.

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The GP models support a range of speeds, and all are fi eld upgradeable. Actual throughput speed may vary depending on application design, connectivity, communication line bandwidth, and other variables.

InfoPrintĀ® Font Collection

InfoPrint ProcessDirector for high-speed production print environments can provide the InfoPrint with a customizable process management system, automating many tasks that have previously been handled manually.

The speed of all models can be upgraded in the field. Call the REAL source! The InfoPrint is designed to fulfill the requirements of transactional printers, service bureaus, direct mailers, and some book printers. Please see the Planning and Configuration Guide for detailed information regarding weight, space, and footprint requirements. In addition, a User Information CD is shipped that includes all translated versions of the following publications:.

Only one type of ink can be af; in an InfoPrint printer. Printer-resident and host-downloaded outline fonts are supported by all host platforms afo to the Infoprint These models of InfoPrint are available in simplex or tandem duplex configurations. AFP allows users to streamline their variable-data, production print environment by creating and managing personalized content, integrating with existing systems, securing data control and integrity and managing end-to-end workflow.

InfoPrint Announces Availability of Support for AFP on InfoPrint 5000

Using InfoPrint ProcessDirector for high-speed production print environments, it can provide a customizable process management system that automates many tasks previously handled manually. Other dealers compete against this, so: All ink colors are keyed so that they are installed infoprintt the proper bin in the InfoPrint color printer. AFP Printer Driver is intended for customers, business partners, and systems specialists who need to understand the fundamentals of AFP creation on the Microsoft Windows systems.

A tight paper web also contributes to the excellent ink jet print quality.

All of these products are designed to improve the management of output environments, which can help clients reduce costs, improve quality, and seamlessly respond to changes in their processes. Market Application Suite Surveillance. The font is oriented for printing at print time. This scalable, cluster-based printer controller can accept AFP, PostScript jnfoprint PDF datastreams, delivering high-speed printing to expedite job completion and enable consolidation of footprints.


Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since The innovative technology in the InfoPrint family is designed to deliver variable data, full-color output at a speed, quality, and price point that is unique in the industry. Please call so we can set infoprinh up for you. PCI Group is one of the nation’s leading providers of rapid outbound direct mail services infoprinh collection agencies and debt buyers, and processes millions of pieces of mail monthly.

The first printer in the paper path prints one side of a form; the second printer in the paper path prints the other side info;rint the form. Advanced Function Printing AFP is a document format and presentation architecture originally developed by IBM and InfoPrint to drive its printers and support the production of variable data printing on laser printers, and later provides for document and information presentation independent of specific applications and devices.

The InfoPrint GP is designed as a midrange volume solution for environments with varying requirements that may include tight print windows, diverse media and stringent color quality. The Web cleaner with the correct voltage must be specified when the printer is ordered. The operator flat-panel touch-screen, and associated keyboard yo mouse, are provided to facilitate and enhance the human interface with the printing inroprint.

Once users’ documents are printed to the AFP Printer, the AFP version documents are created along with a Save As dialog on the workstation or stored in a specified folder on the print server.

The tractorless paper drive allows either pinless or pinned paper to be used. Non-resident Raster fonts must be downloaded from host libraries in the resolution and size required for printing. The InfoPrint utilizes innovative piezo-electric, drop-on-demand inkjet technology acp high quality water-based inks that are resistant to fading and smearing, even on commonly used digital papers.

InfoPrint Solutions Company can now provide an end-to-end, managed workflow that makes high-quality color and black-and-white workflows a reality, with consistent results across a variety of devices that support the architecture. Only one copy of a font is required for all four font rotations info;rint the printer. Resources The Benefits of Grayscale: Home Products Download Support License.


Video Surveillance IP Cameras. The Web cleaner contains a universal attachment kit to allow its attachment to an unwinder; it is powered separately from the printer. If available, these publications are shipped in the appropriate knfoprint.

GP models support high throughput with excellent media handling capabilities. The InfoPrint can run applications with exceptional print quality on paper typically used in monochrome electrophotographic printers, unlike other inkjet systems that typically require ink-jet treated paper to produce good-looking output.

For more information on the InfoPrintplease visit: All of these products are designed to improve the management of output environments, which can help clients reduce costs, improve quality, and seamlessly respond to changes in their processes. InfoPrint inks contain less water than many other inks afpp less energy is required to remove moisture. This latest InfoPrint enhancement further supports our leadership position in helping our customers produce relevant variable color data on important client-facing documents.

It is designed to help you develop or advise others concerning the design and development of AFP enabled and IPDS tp applications. We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price.

Direct Mail Co Signs On with AFP from InfoPrint Solutions Mailing Systems Technology

About Us Privacy Terms. Companies using AFP for their monochrome transactional documents can now seamlessly add the InfoPrint to their environment to implement full color TransPromo applications with relevant promotional and marketing messages to increase the value of the document. This space-optimizing U confi guration features face-to-face displays to maximize operator convenience. With this fi eld upgrade, you can attract new apf who are looking for high-quality digital book production, customer communications, Precision Marketing, direct mail and other applications.

The purpose of this unit is to neutralize static and to clean paper dust and infolrint chads from the continuous form media prior to the media entering the printer.

With the InfoPrintyou can now expect to effectively and confidently print large volumes of variable data documents like statements in full color, with the security and controls you are accustomed to in your AFP output environment.

Call or Email for information.