The present study was undertaken to test the chemopreventive effects of one herbal medicinal plant, Indigofera aspalathoides, on chemically. The treatment by I. aspalathoides on fibrosarcoma bearing rats has improved the levels Indigofera aspalathoides (I. aspalathoides) treatment for rat arthritis is. Abstract: Civarvembu/ Sivanimba is botanically equated to Indigofera aspalathoides Vahl ex. DC. (Leguminosae). The plant is prescribed for eczema, psoriasis.

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Early development of protein metabolic perturbations in the liver and skeletal muscle of tumour-bearing rats. PAHs are ubiquitous environmental agents commonly believed to significantly contribute to human as well as animal cancers. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Krithikar K, Basu BD: The plant is prescribed for eczema, psoriasis, boils, burns, wounds and ulcers. Result showed that indigoefra extract of Indigofera aspalathoides is a aspalatboides of compounds with antidiabetic activity Among them Dodecanoicacid acid, tetradecanoic acid and n-Hexadecanoic acid have the property of anti-oxidant and antimicrobial activities 8.

Recent research revolves around the urgency to evolve suitable chemotherapy consistent with new discoveries for the treatment of cancer without any side effects.


The root is chewed in toothache and aphthae 3. The inorganic material was precipitated and filtered off. Remember me Forgot password? Figure 6 represents the levels of glycogen in liver and kidney of control and experimental animals.

As the carcinogenic process is multifactorial, individual component may not always be effective to inhibit the cancer at different stages. Treatment with Indigofera aspalathoides might have prevented this protein breakdown thus bringing the protein levels to near normal condition. The leaves, flowers, and tender shoots are said to be cooling and demulcent [ 11 ].

The tumor occurs near fibrous tissues and mostly in the region of thigh and knee. A new compound indigocarpan and the known compound mucronulatol were isolated from chloroform extracts of Indigofera aspalathoides. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. No significant changes of these levels were observed in Group IV drug-alone-treated animals when compared to normal control group I animals.

Indigofera aspalathoides DC. — The Plant List

Normoglycaemic study revealed significant percentage decrease in blood glucose level from the initial value indogofera normal rats The dried lipid extract was dissolved in 0. The crucial role of cell surface and cell membrane constituents in neoplastic behaviours and the changes in serum and tissue glycoconjugates have long been associated with malignancies [ 28 ]. Preliminary investigation was carried out to evaluate the antidiabetic effect of the alcoholic extract by oral glucose tolerance test OGTTnormoglycaemic and anti hyperglycaemic activity in streptozotocin STZ — nicotinamide induced non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus rats.

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Plants are the major source for the discovery of new products of medicinal values for drug development. In the present study the therapeutic efficacy of I. They have a short, unicellular central stalk with two laterals and opposite arms, spreading parallel to the surface. Malaya Gupta et al.

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A weighed amount of the tissue was homogenized with 7 mL of methanol in a Potter Elvehjem homoginizer and filtered through a Whatman No. Abstract Objective To find out the anticancer effect of Indigofera aspalathoides I. Chemotherapy, although being a major treatment modality used in the control of advanced stages of malignancies, exhibits severe toxicity on normal tissues [ 8 ].

However, the maximum beneficial effect of the plant extract aspalathpides observed in Group III animals in the form of increased levels of blood glycogen in them. Nagarajan B, Sankaran S.

Indigofera Aspalathoides Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Group I animals served as normal control, Group II animals were fibrosarcoma bearing animals after the incubation period, Group III animals were aspwlathoides bearing animals treated with aqueous extract of I. The research is a descriptive study of the effect of I. The extract showed remarkable hepatoprotective effect