Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D. CHAPTER I .. strongly objected to his book Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead? He wrote: “No other publication of. Front Cover. Samuele Bacchiocchi. Biblical Perspectives, – Future life – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Immortality Or Resurrection?. Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi builds upon recent research and challenges Christians to recover the Immortality or Resurrection? is a most important book for today.

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His language is strikingly similar to that of many Christian churches today. For my college education I went to England where he earned a B. Im,ortality example, the belief in the transition of the soul at the moment of death to paradise, immmortality, or purgatory rests on the belief that the soul is immortal by nature and survives the body at death. It is not surprising that this text forms the basis of much of the discussion regarding human nature, since it provides the only Biblical account of how God created man.

Return to Book Page. Convincing exegesis from a scholarly approach. See all 6 reviews. I was born and brought up in Rome, Italy, a stone-throw from the Vatican wall.

The belief in some form of life after death has been held in practically every society. He praises the book bscchiocchi a decisive study which is much needed to combat the persistent but mistaken opinion that the soul is an immortal substance.

These teachings are found in what are known as the Apocrypha of the Old Testament-books that are included resurrectoin the Catholic Bible, but omitted in the Protestant Bible and in the Hebrew Old Testament. Login Register New Post.


THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL by Samuele Bacchiocchi

In this context, the Greek psyche is correctly translated “life” because Paul is talking about the loss of lives. During the Middle Ages the belief in the afterlife was promoted through literary and artistic representations of hell as a place of absolute terror where the damned writhe and scream forever, and of paradise as a beatific place where the saints bask in eternal glory.

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To ask other readers questions about Immortality or Resurrection?

The New Testament reveals not only continuity with the Old Testament in the understanding of human nature and destiny, but also an expanded understanding in the light of the incarnation and teachings of Christ. After all, Christ is the real head of the human race, since Adam “was a type of the one who was to come” Rom 5: Such a practice runs contrary to the Biblical teaching that “there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” 1Tim 2: The Hebrew phrase should be translated exactly the same way in both cases.

This explains why the death of a person is often described as the death of the soul. From England I came to America for my graduate studies and earned a M.

THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL by Samuele Bacchiocchi | Christian Forums

His thinking was influenced by Aristotles who viewed the immortalify primarily as a life principle. The Greek word psyche- soul is used in the New Testament in accordance with the basic meanings of the Hebrew nephesh -soul that we found in the Old Testament.


How can the soul be immortal if God destroys it with the body in the case of impenitent sinners? Proper diet, exercise, and outdoor activities should be encouraged as an important part of Christian living.

The famous Book of The Dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian funerary and ritual texts, which describes in great details how to meet ressurrection challenges of the afterlife. Jan 16, 4.

In Immortality or Resurrection? Medical science recently has developed what is known as holistic medicine. With regard to the nature of man, he developed a less radical dualism, by emphasizing the unity that exists between the body and the soul. The destruction of the body is seen as the destruction of the soul.

Immortality or Resurrection? A Biblical Study on Human Nature and Destiny by Samuele Bacchiocchi

From June to December I am off-teaching so that I can dedicate myself fully to research timely Biblical truths. What distinguishes the human soul from that of animals is the fact that humans were created in God’s image, that is, with godlike possibilities unavailable to animals. For Plato, the material components of this world were evil and, consequently, not worthy of survival. The eyes have been called ‘the window of immogtality soul.