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error in your name, complete and submit a Request to Amend the Immigration Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM ) before. I also contacted IRCC thru the web form but what they gave me was an amendment of the document (IMM ) for an error in the landing. complete the application. Read the Instruction Guide (IMM ) to properly fill out IMM form. Make sure that you include all the supporting documents;.

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Consult your local authorities. Consult IRCC office mailing addresses. Indicate the date you originally entered Canada in the following format: We will correct valid temporary resident documents if Canadian immigration officials have omm an error in recording 5128 information.

Question 2 Write your date of birth. The information in the work permit must match the original Labour Market Impact Assessment or Labour Market Impact Assessment-Exempt application submitted by your employer when you first applied. Use mim application if you are a temporary resident, a permanent resident or Canadian citizen who wants to fix mistakes on your: A link, button or video is not working. Question 1 Check the appropriate box to indicate if you, since your admission to Canada as a permanent resident, have been convicted of a crime or offence in Canada or elsewhere.

Write your name in the space provided, and Sign and date in the space provided. It is also for temporary residents who wish to correct errors made by Canadian immigration officials when recording certain personal information on valid temporary resident documents. This guide uses these symbols to draw your attention to important information: Your card was lost, damaged, or stolen. Section B — Appointment of Representative. If you do not sign and date the application, it will be returned to you.

If you no longer have your entry passport, include a copy of the pages listed above from your current passport. Once you become a Canadian citizen, you no longer need a permanent resident card, and your Canadian passport will be proof of your eligibility to enter Canada.


How To Fix Mistakes on a PR Card – Immigroup – We Are Immigration Law

Leave this field blank. If you did not have a passport upon entry, provide your travel document number. What information will not be corrected? If you have already submitted your immigration or citizenship application: Check the appropriate box to indicate if you, since your admission to Canada as a permanent resident, have been convicted of a crime or offence in Canada or elsewhere.

The criteria for urgent processing are as follows: If you need help, you can find answers to your questions by visiting the Help Centre. Your record will only be amended if your marriage status was recorded incorrectly at the time of entry to Canada and you can provide proof. You must provide proof of your situation, including: It is important that your work permit reflects exactly the name of your employer, your occupation and your working location city in Canada.

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Learn about what it’s like to live umm Canada and which resources are available to you to help you settle here. Indicate your surname s family name as it currently appears on your document.

The following are the forms that must be filled out and submitted: Question 6 Check one box to indicate if your representative is uncompensated or compensated. If your amendment request is different from the information contained on the passport and to which your temporary resident document is attached, your information will not be corrected. If you know which IRCC office is processing your immigration or citizenship application, send the completed form to the office mailing address.

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You can amend a valid study permit if one omm the following conditions or remarks does not appear on the document:. Report a problem or mistake on this page. Check the box to indicate your sex male or female as it appears on ikm immigration document that you are seeking to amend. Indicate which country or countries you are a citizen of as it should appear on your immigration document. Please fill in the form.


Indicate your date of birth as it should appear on your immigration document in the following format: Compensated representatives charge a fee or receive some other form of consideration in exchange for the representation that they provide. You kmm attach a separate piece of paper if more space is required.

Middle Name Not Included – Can I Change This?

Print all other given name s you have ever used, including different spellings and explain what they are. If your request is refusedyou will receive a imj with the reason s for the decision.

Question 15 Indicate your current mailing address, including: Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence IMM or IMM is an historical document which contains information about you when you obtained the status of permanent resident in Canada.

Complete this form only if you: Ensure that your address including your e-mail address will be omm for the entire processing period. For sponsorship application, your spouse or common-law partner does not have to complete a separate request.

Once your application has been received, it will be processed and you will be advised whether your request has been approved or refused. Indicate the date permanent residence or temporary residence was granted to you in the following format: A certified translator will provide both a certified translation and certified copies of the original documents.