SIMATIC DP, Connection IM , for ET M, for max. 8 S modules. General information. Product type designation. IM DP ST. 6ESAAXB0 ETM, INTERFACE MODULE IM SIMATIC DP, INTERFACE IM , FOR ET M, FOR MAX. 8 S MODULES. All engine control panel have IM Controller and connected to central controller panel with Siemens simatic s-7 are facing.

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Site Explorer Site Explorer. We are having six gas engine plant with one black start MAN diesel engine. All engine control panel have IM Controller and connected to central controller panel with Siemens simatic s-7 plc.

Our profibus connection is as below.

MAN black start diesel – D. G-6 individual controller panel.

Both termination end at MAN and D. G -6 Connector resistor is in on condition and all the D. Where as all other individual D. We have change all the profibus im513-1, all conector, checked IM Controller of central controller unit found ok.

This is very urgent as complete plant is in stop condition. This will be appreciated if some body help in urgent. I am very new in this Siemens automation system. I have mechanical background and learnt the power plant electrical and control on site work. If you pl elaborate your advice and inform the procedure how to carry out this check then this will help me a lot.

This is very urgent as our complete plant stop for wiemens days no power. Pl find attached file incident report I made and job report till date I have carried out. May be this will help to understand more our problem. I appreciate and grateful for your support.


We have located and resolve the above problem in our system during investigation we discover problem in IM Module out put card part no BLOO-OAAO we replace the same and found that problem resolve. But this surprise me because if output car unit have problem then S. I want to know is this statement is correct?

Any how problem resolve so we are happy. Now our system was having two display unit one at control panel touch screen Siemens screen other one is computer at controller room.

Siemens 6ESAAXB0 Interface IM

As our Siemens display unit is bad so we remove the connection from there and directly connected to Computer and using that as control system. Some time we find that all the reading converted in to and after may be some minute or second again all reading start displaying. During this problem one of our operator try to reboot the computer then all plant stopped.

I feel this is because we have only one control system that works as master before when display unit was there then this work as master and our computer display works as slave so during that time no plant stoppage aiemens even rebooting the computer. Pl may reply is this statement is correct or there is some other reason?

Why reading on computer convert into and after some time again reading display? Pl advice if further checks need to be done before any further problem break down the plant. Hello Pandey; I have a feeling that the Siemens engineer is right, the IM is a Profibus-DP interface module, and does not hold a im1531 configuration or process diagnostics on its own. All diagnostic information is read in by the master and is treated at that level.


You should check the comm. Parameters, the cabling and terminatiun and the bus length of the connection to the PC. Product Support Services Forum mySupport. All about Decentral Peripherie. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. This will be siemenss if some body help in urgent Regards D. Also the dignostic buffer of the S CPU?

Hope there will be some interesting information. Think everything was running befor? Have you got any information simeens changes, If you need urgent assistant I would start a case at the technical support Support Request Good luck Sabine.

Sabine Thanks for reply.

SIMATIC ET 200M Interface Modules

Sabine Pl find attached file incident report. Think it would be very interesting to have a look at the diagnostic information of the IM We have to find the reason why this module is in stop. Please try to read out this information and post it here. Sabine and All I ziemens and grateful for your support. With best regards Dhananjay kumar Pandey. Hope this helps, Daniel Chartier.