Igbo Olodumare is a lush and pristine rain forest tucked away in southwest Nigeria. Its name translates to ‘The Forest of the Almighty’. Igbo Olodumare: D.O. Fagunwa: His second novel, Igbo Olodumare (“The Forest of God”), was published in He also wrote Ireke Onibudo (; “The. Ogboju ode ninu igbo Olodumare (translated from Yoruba) as is a mystery novel written by Daniel O. Fagunwa. Considered the first novel written in the Yoruba.

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Enjoy the ambience of nature. These are the following things you can do while you’re here: Also at the entrance is a sculptured figure of an ancient hunter which Faguwa described in his novel as being magically turned into statue. Buy The Nigerian Time Machine. Visitors are expected to find seats at different spots where they relax their veins after energy sapping touring of the forest.

It is a cultural heritage site. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Before heading to Igbo Olodumare, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Tuesday, June 7, My adventure to Igbo Olodumare.

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Due to some arguments over it ;some said his corpse was not recovered and not buriedhowever ,one of the then officiating members at his funeral service in ,Venerable C. The late Daniel Fgunwa was undoubtedly the greatest novelist in Yoruba language that ever lived.


Effort to persuade them for discount is usually frustrated by their olodumzre not only on the distance but on the bad condition of the road. I read somewhere that there are some sacrifices you’ll do before you enter the forest.

Igbo Olodumare

The state Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Ismaheal Olumirisi, said the state government has embarked on renovation to turn around all the tourist centers in the state so as to improve the economy of the state. See all 3 photos. Howeverone of his famous books is Igbo Olodumare set in this idyll village…. And the neglect continues… The South West. Historians, Nature enthusiasts, Photographers.

Exploring the Wilds of Igbo-Olodumare

Built by Inhabitants of Igbo Olodumare. The literature teacher said he had long expected government to rehabilitate the road to make it more accessible to the public.

Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references All stub articles. When this reporter went to the cathedral, he met the Vicar in charge who brought out the register burial in the Parish dated dateand on page 35, and the entry on the page was No bearing plodumare name of D. Mystery novels novels Novels by Daniel O. See How To Advertise.


Igbo-Olodumare has a rugged terrain, densely dotted with beautiful granitic inselbergs soaring high and above the tree ollodumare.

Igbo Olodumare is our goldmine here if needed amenities can be put in place. Okeigbo is a cool place to visit so pls let me know if you ever need my assistance. How true is that sir? While one can hear the whispering rustle of tree leavesthe birds sing.

Exploring the Wilds of Igbo-Olodumare

Less than half of the stretch is covered with weather-beaten tar while the rest of the distance is incongruous for such a tourist site expected to host foreign visitors. We’ll be coming from Akure.

Retrieved 28 September Lagos, Nigeria New Africa Shrine. I jumped out of a moving bus, igbl and sustained bruises —Oba Adeyiga. You might also like.