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IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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IEC 61058-1:2016

Part lec Symbols elements, qualifying symbols and other symbols having general application IS Ief 1: When the switch has a rated number of operating cycles below 10or when the clamping means of the screwless terminal forms part of the conductive path through the switch, compliance is checked by the following thermal endurance test. The conductors shall be able to enter without undue force into the terminal aperture to the designed depth of the terminal. Standards are also reviewed periodically; a standard along with amendments is reaffirmed when such review indicates that no changes are needed; if the review indicates that changes are needed, it is taken up for revision.

Coating can be varnish, a dry film applied to the printed board or can be achieved by thermal deposition NOTE Coating and base matertal of the printed board form an insulating system that may have properties similar to solid Insulation 3.

Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by unskilled persons fuses mainly for household and similar applications — Sections I to IV Graphical symbols for use on equipment application Fire hazard testing — Part During the test, the maximum rated current is passed through the switches. The distance through accessible supplementary solid insulation shall have a minimum vaiiie of 0,8 mm.

BS EN IEC – Switches for appliances. General requirements

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: An electrical contact indicator is used to show contact.

Compliance is checked by inspection and by manual test.

Your basket is empty. Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test 7 Amendment 1 lEC NOTE 1 If any change of the setting occurs, it should be possible to restore the 16058-1 by operation of the eonlrol s. Limits — Section 2: Test methods Part 1: Such screws shall not be of metal which is soft or liable to creep, such as zinc or aluminium.


For PTC-S thermistors, the power dissipation of which exceeds 15 W far the rated zero-power resistance at an ambient temperature of 25 ‘C, the encapsulation ie tubing shall comply with the flammability category FV1 or better according to lEC Information concerning the thermal current shall be given, together with the maximum rated current and marked as the following example shows: Testing and 6158-1 techniques — Section’s: If the component is marked and used in accordance with its marking, the number of samples is that required by the relevant standard.

The temperature rise of copper vnndings is calculated from the formula: NOTE A test is under consideration Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Classes B and F.

The conductors shall be able to enter into the terminal aperture without undue force to 61085-1 designed depth of the terminal.

Measurement of creepage distance is from screw to wa. However, the contacts of any incorporated automatic protective device shall not be welded, unless the switch is obviously useless In case of doubt about 61058- test results, the last shall be carried out at the rated voltage and rated resistive load current, for switches designed for a.

IEC 61058-1

Similarly, if it is necessary to have parts in switches iecc at SELV, such parts are also checked for compliance with the requirements specified for switches for Class III appliances. The screws or nuts are tightened and loosened – 10 times for screws in engagement with a thread of insulating material; – 5 times, in alt other cases. NOTE 2 No minimum thickness is specified for functional, basic, inaccessible supplementary and Inaccessible reinforced insulation.

Characteristic Subcl’ause Means of information Common ype 6105-1 C. The impulse withstand voltage test is carried out with a voltage having a 1.

If the unjoinled lest finger then enters fte opening, the test is repeated with the jointed finger in the angled position. If one of the terminals does not comply with the test, the test is repeated using a second set of specimens all of which shall then comply.


For ttie purpose of the test, all the parts of each pole are connected together: The symbol for the nature of the supply is placed after the current and voltage ratings. The actuating member or sensing unit can be integral with or arranged separately, either physically or electrically, from the switch and may involVe transmission of a signal, for example electrical, optical, acoustic or thermal, between the actuating member or sensing unit and the switch.

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The product examination is applied during ongoing production of the switch. The pin shall not touch live parts. Compliance is checked by the tests of Creepage path follows the contour of the groove but “short-circuits” the bottom of the groove by an “X” mm link.

NOTE The test may be omitted when ongoing conformity is found e. The short circuit is caused six times by the auxiliary switch A without any synchronizing with respect to the voltage wave. Compliance Is checked by inspection and during the tests of For electronic switches, the test is carried out across full disconnection and micro- disconnection only on electronic switches with mechanical switching devices connected in series with he semiconductor switching device For electronic switches, the tests are not carried out across protective impedances and poles interconnected by components.

The heating test should be condLiCted at the highest applicable current lating applicable to the selected contact type each t’me T,3,6 Co-ordinated e.