datasheet, pdf, data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, Synchronous Presettable Binary Counter. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: Number MTC16 N16E Package Description Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS SN54S, SN THRU SN, SN74LSA THRU SN74LSA, SN THRU SN, SN THRU SN . Dow nload Datasheet . Input and Output Characteristics of Digital Integrated Circuits (sdyahtm, 9 KB).

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May 18, 1. So it enables the counters but does not affect the transition count. Need help with counter Posted by ctonton in forum: Your name or email address: I guess this is not THAT big of a deal to me, but for my device iv be more user friendly, i’d like it to clear when you press clear only.

74ls163 counter need help

They may also have a collection of application notes collected in book form, too. This allows, among other things, much easier feedback by decoding the counter outputs, since they all change at the same time and 7413 don’t get the “skew delays” which plague ripple counters. A is a decimal counter. You are asking a question best answered by the manufacturer. How dtasheet I connect an Itfn IC? Mark PS I succeeded in following the posted link http: May 19, 6. Let’s say the HB can push his little button 10 times in a second, just like George Jetson.

You can feed back the output to the MR input to do this, but you need to do in on an output of 78, not 79, since the MR will reset the counter to 0 rather than 1. Ask New Question Sign In. Jun 18, You’ll still need debouncing, maybe your existing debouncer can be used.


The LS chip is synchronous – when the clear pin is LOW when a clock pulse goes low to high, the outputs clear – if the enable P ENP pin is High, the output will increment with each clock tick if clear is not low. I believe the “pulser” switch is a momentary toggle switch. What is IC and IC ? Every case is different, so you’ll have to design your own switch debouncer. The output is open collector, which means that the outputs have significant pull down capability, but no pull-up capability.

Sep 16, 2.

The inputs I have seen sit high and need to be pulled low. I suggest you check with them and ask for a datasheet and any application notes they might have for it. Jun 13, They are useful in designing state machines where you need to “hold the present state” until a specified condition occurs. How does an IR decoder iC work?

I am now getting a clean count with my debounce IC. If you are using TTL which your part number implies, but which I suspect may be somewhat inaccurate you will need to take into account the input currents. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Related Questions How does an IC work? Similar Threads Microchip reading and copying data. TTL will weakly pull high so that a disconnected input seems to be at logic 1 although its noise immunity is minimal.


May 18, 3. Apr 5, 18, 3, As you can see in the internal diagram, the counter has only one set of flipflops that are used to hold the count, so there is no way it could remember that you want it to allways start beginning with 6. How do I make a propeller clock? This is a bcd to seven segment decoder.

Search Forums Recent Posts. It goes high on the 15th pulse and stays high until the roll-over pulse that causes the output to zero.

How does IC HL04 work? – Quora

Now you can guess at a time constant for the RC network to dataasheet the switch. It didnt go to 9 or clear when i cleared the counter. And then your problem is that if you want 0 to 12, that requires 2 digits and a decoder to do that is not gong to be trivial.

You need to consider a pair of decade counters or BCD counters rather than a binary counter.

Just pull everything high except ground pin and outputs pins and apply a clock to pin 1 And it will count away. Hello I understand 74ls is counter that count state.

Might be a go? My ic is an 8bit ic, im assuming i can just ground the other 4 bits im not using and it will still work fine for my application as long as i can use this ic with my ttl parts. dqtasheet