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Simply said, the idea of free market should not be understood in a way that anyone who had ever learnt a language for a while could be a translator of any kind of spoken or written text. Our analysis will encompass proportion of genres and will further discuss the most important translations.

Biblija ne navodi kazivanje o Sulejmanu a. We find it is best to propose here a ternary chronological classification: Gibran, Braille edition] But, these factors are only external. Arabic literary translations, like most other Oriental languages, still get translated every once in a while not directly but via other languages, mostly English, much less French, German and Russian.

In Chart 4 we have presented both number and type of direct Arabic translations that have appeared since until August This research will, in more or less detail, describe and analyze the state of the affairs since the seventies till present day. We can only mention that periodicals were mostly publishing short stories and poetry, and on very rare occasions, selected parts of a novel. Unfortunately, due mostly to financial difficulties, it stopped coming out in This is obviously a successful formula of marketing, to give readers a wrong notion that they could peek into the forbidden side of luscious Orientals’ lives.

The general observation regarding events and activities that aim to promote the translations and Arabic literature in general is that they are very rare and the number of audience that they reach is quite limited.

In the period from till the total of translations from Arabic were published ljuabvi Serbia both as single volume books and articles. It is clear from the previously said that laws of Wild West still rule the book zaljubljdnih in Serbia, and authors, translators and other k participants in book production often become collateral damage. Other publications Apart from literary magazines, there are not kajhim other publications that publish Arabic literature.


Gibran, 2nd edition] Even if they are the most adequate and elegant, they are still very often chosen and performed by persons who do not have a clue about Arabic literature, language or culture, and who frequently approach the task with careless self-confidence. As we believe that this language dissolution had more to do with political than linguistic circumstances and that it is still quite early to see them as separate, we have taken into consideration all of the successor languages, more precisely Serbian and Bosnian, as well as translations marked as Serbo-Croatian from the beginning of the period in question.

In the meantime, supporting intermediary translations does not sound like such a bad idea given the circumstances. The poorest period for publishing single volume books was between and and Chart uvodjenme clearly shows prevailing tendency for publishing articles. We have even seen such posters in public transportation relatively recently. These translations deprived the readers of any information on the development and trends in the female Saudi and Arabic literature, which is a very important and current topic among the researchers.

Fetava Imami-l-muftijjine ve Resuli-r.

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Speaking of cooperation, grants represent a very useful way of encouraging both translating and publishing. His remarkable translations were published by a small Lebanese publishing house and we are not sure if the books were distributed in the whole Arab world.

These translations also prompt us that there is a constant interest of the public and publishing houses.

El- Kelimeh ; Sarajevo: By that time, almost all kakjim the former pioneers stopped translating or did it ever so seldom, and new names appeared. In spite the great efforts, the data we have found were incomplete, especially regarding the language s from which the translations were made.

It is safe to say that these sad circumstances had deferred the expected progress in every field of the profession. Samizdat B92, Beograd: And that occurs more than often. And not just that: It was published in kajjlm translated by Mico Ljubibratic.

  AIW 9700 PDF

We have to notice here that both translators and publishers are quite reluctant to speak of this matter uvodjenhe gives us personally a sense of unnecessary mystification. If there was any other even remotely artistic justification we presume that the first novel would not be advertised as the Arabic Sex and the City!

Kur an nam nam navodi kazivanje o Jusufu a. Sezona seobe na sever. One edition was printed in The most famous by all means is late Mahfouz, the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in Likewise, the publishers on occasions still use English, French and other languages as an intermediary uvoddjenje. The more effort is made in that direction, the larger is the presence in electronic media.

The reason for that is that the previous source for the basic data, Yugoslav Bibliographical Institute had ceased to exist, and the task of monitoring, gathering and registering the uvodjebje information on the number of translated books was transferred to the National Library of Serbia.

Tayeb Saleh one novel in two editionsBahaa Taher two novelsIbrahim Aslan one novelGamal Ghitany one novel and one nonliterary workSalwa Bakr one collection of short storiesNawal al-Saadawy one novelGhassan Kanafany one novel and others. Thus we find two published anthologies of stories for children, both by Zekeriya Tamer and in translation by S.

Literature on the last page and Oriental Library at the University of Belgrade.

U ime Allaha milostivog samilosnog!

Srce je ovisno o Allahu! The most za,jubljenih areas are humanities, belles-letters, children literature, specialized literature, textbooks, computer literature, medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, linguistics, arts, etc.

Ne – pravo svakoga je da odabere kako e se oblaciti. He was actually much more translated in that period, only not always directly from the Arabic cf.