Deepak Malhotra. · Rating details · 1, ratings · reviews. If you were a mouse trapped in a maze and someone kept moving the cheese, what would. I Moved Your Cheese. By Deepak Malhotra. Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers Your Organization (or Team) A Note to Educators. A Note to . This book is a very interesting read indeed. In some ways it is a sequel to the book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson (which we.

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Zed has overcome dedpak issue and is able to walk through the walls of the maze because he has transcended the thinking of his captors and ignores the constraints they have placed upon his lifestyle. And more than anything else, I hope that reading this book will put a smile on your face—and that you will be left wondering exactly why you are smiling. It is also the case that every reader has different needs, and that a fable allows each individual reader to take from the book a message that is uniquely tailored to that person.

Share your thoughts with other customers. If I hear the words “cheese”, “mice”, or “maze” one more time I’m going to scream.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Since Who stole my cheese? No discussion around how to proactively and successfully execute on Change Management. Which Movev find to be a book on how to blindly follow without having a mind of your own. I Moved Your Cheese: But success in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership, and business growth—as well as personal growth—depends on the ability to push the boundaries, reshape the environment, and play by a different set of rules: I know those are not the messages WMMC set out to promote, but to many readers, they are powerfully conveyed.


It is not about the mouse in the maze, but the maze in the mouse. But there may be another reason. The insistence of our mi Any time this book is mentioned it’s a debate over whether it refutes Who Moved My Cheese?

Sign up for mmoved weekly newsletter. In other words, effective adaptation is not enough for success or happiness. With that in mind, Harvard Business School professor Deepak Malhotra offers a radically different answer to this question. How do they hunt for cheese?

I love mkved message presented by this book and the original as well. Thought-provoking, encouraging, inspiring – worth adding to any bookshelf.

Mar 02, Clarissa Draper rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 20, Tim Yearneau rated it really liked it.

Hardcoverpages. I can easily see the connections he’s making between the obvious corporate world the maze and the workers mice that navigate it.

I Moved Your Cheese

It had potential as a story, but that potential was not explored correctly. This book is intended for people and organizations that feel yoyr in their current circumstances; for people who are working hard and maybe even finding success in their life and work, oyur who struggle to find meaning or fulfillment in what they are doing; for those who are playing perhaps very well a game that is not of their choosing; for those whose view of success is not simply predicated on changing the old ways of doing things but on reimagining them; and for those who seek inspiration as they consider what they can and should do with the rest of their lives.

After all, achieving extraordinary success, personal or professional, has always depended on the ability to challenge assumptions, reshape the environment, and play by a different set of rules— our own. Every book has useful insights.


I Moved Your Cheese by Deepak Malhotra | : Books

Don’t have a Kindle? Jul 01, hOMI Ahmed rated it it was ok.

Or, to put it another way: Is it possible to pursue happiness if the pursuit itself does not make you happy? I Moved Your Cheese reveals what is possible when we finally discard long-held and widely accepted assumptions about how we should live our lives. It might make him see my side of how I view my professional life.

Although it would probably feel patronizing, I couldn’t help but want more about how to apply this in the r Please forgive the inanity of this review. The messages of empowerment and taking control of your destiny ring loud and clear for the new generation of authentic leaders.

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In fact, adaptation was considered more important than even figuring out the reason for change. In his new business fable, Drepak Moved Your CheeseProfessor Deepak Malhotra challenges the idea that change is simply something we must anticipate, tolerate, and accept. In the face of long-standing precedent, strong social norms, resource scarcity, and the powerful expectations of others, individuals may underestimate their ability to control their own destiny, to reshape their environment, and to overcome the constraints they face.

malhotrx This book was written—and is meant to be read—as a stand-alone entity. Finally someone willing to say that the entire Who Moved My Cheese phenomenon is bunk. Table Of Contents Preface Chapter 1: