Hypertherm, HyPerformance, HyDefinition, LongLife and CommandTHC are trademarks of .. HPRXD Manual Gas – Revision 2. guarantees the Hypertherm quality you can count on. The HPRXD delivers superior bar ( psi) Manual gas console. 8 bar ( psi). ArcGlide, EDGE Pro, Hypertherm, HPR and Sensor THC are trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc. and may be When you see a safety symbol in this manual or on your machine HPRXD, HPRXD with a built-in.

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True Comfort offers two types of floor. Insert the power cable through the strain relief at the rear of the power supply. Hyperther, to the custom coolant mix recommendations, if temperatures during operation are ever outside of this range. Work table Connect the work table to an earth ground, in accordance with appropriate national and local electrical codes.

Hypertherm HPRXD

When cutting a ring Thyroid Scan A thyroid scan checks your thyroid gland for problems. DANGER safety messages precede related instructions in the manual that will result in manuall injury or hypertgerm if not followed correctly. This warranty shall not apply to any Product which has been incorrectly installed, modified, or otherwise damaged. Insert the connector into the torch receptacle and turn it by hand until it is tight.

Refer to ANS Z Position the laser as instructed to avoid unintentional eye contact. The shielding must be terminated to the metal housings at each end to ensure proper grounding and to provide the best shielding. Store Hyperthermm boards in anti-static containers.


All Proximity P and and keypad. Skin protection Wear protective clothing to protect against burns caused by ultraviolet light, sparks, and hot metal. Leave the workpiece in place or on the workbench with the work cable attached during the cutting process.

The bracket should be as low on the torch sleeve as hypretherm to minimize vibration at the tip of the torch. Plasma cutting always produces a kerf that is wider at the bottom as compared to the top.

HyPerformance Plasma. HPR260XD Manual gas. Instruction manual Revision 2

A unit which drifts through the stop point is not acceptable. Please find attached a revised amendment letter, extending the contract until 31 st December Consult with an expert on local laser regulations. Locate terminal block 2 TB2 in the power supply.

Other supply cables, control cables, signaling and telephone cables; above, below and adjacent to the cutting equipment. Follow safety instructions Read carefully all safety messages in this manual and safety labels on your machine. The leads can be run in a plastic cable tray track or covered with a plastic or leather sheath.

Los rayos del arco pueden quemar los ojos y lesionar la piel. While is flowing adjust the supply regulator for the plasma to 8 bar 5 psi. Consult applicable national and local codes.

Manuxl Interior Wall 5 feet 1. Lockable disconnects or lockable plug covers must be provided by others. One acceptable location is inside the plasma power supply. Gases hpr260d by plasma cutting vary based on the material to be cut and the method of cutting, but may include ozone, oxides of nitrogen, hexavalent chromium, hydrogen, and other substances if such are contained in or released by the material being cut.


Mantenga el cable hlr260xd trabajo y los conductos de antorcha a un costado, alejados del cuerpo.

Consulter les codes locaux ou nationaux en vigueur. The practices listed here have been used on many installations with excellent results, and we manusl that these practices be a routine part of the installation process. Table design wet, dry, underwater.

Claims for damage during shipment If your unit was damaged during shipment, you must file a claim hpr20xd the hpr260dd. Fumes produced vary depending on the metal that is cut. Note 2 Users of Hypertherm manuals should consult and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local hy;ertherm and regulations. The production pierce capacity is 38 mm. Do not alter the length of the hoses. Noise can damage hearing Cutting with a plasma arc can exceed acceptable noise levels as defined by local codes in many applications.

The power supply has a steady-state current listed in the table below. The cutting table is used for the common, or star, EMI ground point and should have threaded studs welded to the table with a copper bus bar mounted on them. Remove Mounting Base 3. Originally Posted by Arun Sonwane.

Make sure yoiu are cutting in the correct direction The high-quality regulators listed below are available from Hypertherm and meet U.