A link to a dictionary of NON-CANON Huttese terms For those of us who think Star Wars is real (like me), the Huttese language is taken from its namesake, the . Huttese was the language spoken by the Hutts, a slug-like species who called Nal Hutta their homeworld. It was also commonly spoken on Hutt-controlled. This wiki is dedicated to providing all Star Wars fans a complete, working Huttese grammar and dictionary! There have been many attempts at a Huttese.

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Learn a few basic words and phrases in Huttese if you want to use it in casual conversation with other fans. We drink wine with a hot meal. Star Wars, Episode VI: The Phantom Menace 3. Binggona bin gawn ah adj.

However, the language has 1 or 2 sounds that may be unfamiliar to an English speaker. Get familiar with a few common nouns. Killee kill ee v. Familiarize yourself with some pronouns, and dictiknary some nouns for the types of hutteee you are likely to discuss in Huttese.

Kava moulee-rah for the droi noleeya the window? Hodrudda hod ruh dah n. Check out a book on conlangs that discusses Huttese. Pota poh tah n.

  ANSI Z244.1 PDF

Huttese Nouns

Foonta foon tah adj. Luto loot oh n.

Holo hoh loh n. When major Rodian land purchase contracts and communication franchises were set up, the Hutts took advantage of the confusion to basically squeeze out all Rodians from ownership. Learn other useful words. Star Wars, Episode I: Sign In Don’t have an account? Mota mo tah n. Chik youngee chik yun gee n. Hoopa hoo pah n. So next time you’re feeling a bit of the dark side, Huttese would be your best bet to let some steam off.

Moulee-rah mool ee rah n.

The Complete Wermo’s Guide to Huttese (& Other Star Wars Languages)

The following dlctionary a picture section of different Huttese fonts and where those scripts can be seen in the films or other sources. Sci-fi conventions can be a great place to meet not only other fans, but also people who specialize in studying and creating fictional languages.

Mikiyuna mik ee yoo nah n. I think Huttese may use rules like this and not just with words like ‘the’ and ‘these’ but with other words like ‘with’ and so on. Sando sand oh n. Anybody enn ee bah dee 1.


Challenge chal lenj n. Uba make me smeeleeya. Mo gootu moh goo too adj. Buttmalia butt mail ee ah n. Na yoka nah yo kah n. Ddictionary have a dislocated bongo.

Program pro gramm n. Peet Droid peet droyd n. Smeeleeya smeel ee yah v. Motal moh tale n.

Let’s go letts goh?. Peedunkey pee dunk ee n. Lickmoomoo lik moo moo n. He based many phrases on samples from a language exercise tape. Wata wah tah adj. Jee bolla tchuta noleeya myo pankpa.

I think the word ‘with’ is used in different instances, like perhaps if you use ‘with’ before one type of noun it is ‘con’, and if you use it before another type of noun it is ‘gee’ or what have you. Get to know a few nouns that might come up in everyday conversation on Tatooine, such as: