“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. Written November- December , the story was first published in April ;. The Shadow over Innsmouth is a horror novella by H. P. Lovecraft, written in November–December ]. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythos, using its motif of a. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” written in November-December and first published as a.

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Little did I know that I was being pulled by more sinister forces than just my own natural interest in the extraordinary. He was a strange, furtive creature who constantly looked over his shoulder as if afraid of something, loecraft when sober could not be persuaded to talk at all with strangers.

Clearly, some cryptic, evil movement was afoot on a large scale—just what, I could not say.

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The bus had come to a sort of open concourse or radial point with churches on two sides and the bedraggled remains of a circular green in the centre, and I was looking at a large pillared hall on the right-hand junction ahead. I perceived that my chances were very slender, and was fully prepared for any calamity. Recommended as a background for other writers’ work using Innsmouth and its peoples more than for its own merits. Furtiveness and secretiveness seemed universal in this hushed city of alienage and death, and I could not escape the sensation of being watched from ambush on every hand by sly, staring eyes that never shut.

But at last I am going to defy the ban on speech about this thing. I knew that the time for action had come, and forthwith drew the bolt of the northward connecting door, bracing myself for the task of battering it open.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

To gain a partial relief from the general tension I busied myself by transferring this hardware to the vacant place with the aid of a handy three-in-one device including a screw-driver which I kept on my key-ring. The air of death and desertion was ghoulish, and the smell of fish almost insufferable; but I was resolved to let nothing deter me.

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The door of the church basement was open, revealing a rectangle of blackness inside. Besides, the grocery youth had told me that the churches, as well as the Order of Dagon Hall, were not advisable neighbourhoods for strangers.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: H. P. Lovecraft: : Books

He visits a town that is shunned full of weird people etc etc T It was bound to happen at some point. Sharow was a strain of morbidity there, and my mother had never encouraged my visiting her parents as a child, although she always welcomed her father when he came to Toledo. Drowsiness, however, did not come; innsmoutg when I stopped to analyse my thoughts I found to my disquiet that I was really unconsciously listening for something—listening for something which I dreaded but could not name.

As I watched—choked by a sudden rise in the fishy odour after a short abatement—I saw a band of uncouth, crouching shapes loping and shambling oved the same direction; and knew that this must be the party guarding the Ipswich road, since that highway forms an extension of Eliot Street. Another thing which puzzled and disturbed me, even in some of the best-preserved mansions, was the tightly shuttered condition of many third-story and attic windows.

Then we reached the crest and beheld the outspread valley beyond, where the Manuxet joins the sea just north of the long line of cliffs that culminate in Kingsport Head and veer off toward Cape Ann. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythosusing its motif of a malign undersea civilization, and references several shared elements of the Mythos, including place-names, mythical creatures, and invocations.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Lovecraftwritten in November—December My pressure took the opener off guard, for the thing shut as I pushed, so that I could slip the well-conditioned bolt as I had done with the other door. This, acting on my imagination, had supplied namelessly sinister qualities to the indeterminate face and robed, shambling form beneath it.

It was awful to hear them chanting in their churches at night, and especially during their main festivals or revivals, which fell twice a year on April 30th and October 31st.


As the bus reached a lower level I began to catch the steady note of a waterfall through the unnatural stillness. Muffled sounds of possible vocal origin approached, and at length a firm knock came at my outer door. Was this shsdow of those inns where travellers were slain for their money?

I did not need to be told that this was the civic centre of Innsmouth. It’s worth mentioning that none of the citizens seem to be livecraft when they’re searching for him. The Shadow over Innsmouth at Wikisource.

The people of Innsmouth are variously described as fishlike, froglike, and apelike. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fictions featuring a pantheon of human-nullifying entities, as well as the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire of magical rites and forbidden lore.

Something about the staring, unwinking expression of both of them had given me a vague, unaccountable uneasiness. Swimming races out to Devil Reef were very common, and everyone in sight seemed well able to share in this arduous sport.

You can help by adding to it. One thing in my favour was the deserted and ruinous state of the abutting buildings, and the number of skylights gaping blackly open in each row.

It never once occurred to me that the fumbling might be a mere mistake. Tell me what he done with that funny-shaped lead thingumajig as Walakea give him? The patterns all hinted of remote secrets and unimaginable abysses in time and space, and the monotonously aquatic nature of the reliefs became almost sinister. His windows were covered with what looked like sheets of metal.