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I guess millions of pounds worth of often only slightly out of date stuff must end up in landfill every year. When the two sections separate at the front panel, raise the upper 8552g until it is above the lower section by two or three inches at the front panel.

If the voltages are incorrect, see Service Sheet 9. In this manner, the combination of sequential amplifier limiting and current summing provides amplitude compression to force the output signal to remain logarithmically proportional to the input signal. Because varactors hl an exponential 8552v relationship, the frequency out of the oscillator is linear with respect to the RF Section control voltage see Service Sheet 5.

This sometimes results in confusion as to which lead or connection is for the cathode nega- tive or anode positivesince not all diodes are mcirked with the standard symbols.

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Scan should occur in all positions. Hosted by W3Z Broadband. If signal is cor- rect, proceed to test 7f.

The first four digits and the letter or the first three digits and the hyphen comprise the serial number prefix.


Perform the tests and adjust- ments as shown in the RF Section Manual. All Calibrated as of Yesterday. Some transistors are mounted for good heat dissipation. Be sure to remove enclosed return address label. Then the kHz bandwidth is checked. Change; R13 toR: Use enough 8552bb material three to four inch layer around all sides of the instrument to 8552g firm cushion and prevent movement inside the container.

Meter reading is typically 30 mV rms. Perform the tests in the order given, and record data on the test card Table at the end of this section.

A4R81 A4R82 11 Adjusts crystal filter skirt width. It’s like having the store come to you!

Place your fingers across the last Crystal Filter Bandpass Network. Press the connec- tors firmly together and extend the instrument sec- tions as far apart as the cables will allow without putting stress on the connectors. V dB at dB; V Make the 8552v analyzer control settings: Place the four Crystal Filter Bypass Networks across: Change A6R57 toR: Table contains a detailed description of the contents of the service kit.

Ul is an offset amplifier; U2 is a summing amplifier.

Hewlett- Packard will repair or replace products ho prove to be defective during the warranty period provided they are returned to Hewlett-Packard.

Display Section Adjustments a. Refer to the RF Section manuals for speci- fic operating instructions. No sweep on CRT. If the signal were correct at all bandwidths, pro- ceed to step Q.

Technical Support

Solid state diodes are in many physical forms. When the 10 kHz bandwidth is selected the input signal is coupled to Q4 thru Cl and R4. Each of the first 4 steps: Connect the equipment shown in Figure and make the following control settings: Set aricdyzer controls as follows: Scan Time Modulation Peaks 5- 1.


Change the figure as shown in the partial schematics of Figures and The scan ramp is also emitter coupled to Q14 which supplies the negative-going deflection signal. The signals at the emitters and h; of Q14 and Q13 are in phase but ph collector signals are degrees out of phase and provide push-pull deflec- tion signals to the horizontal deflection plates of the CRT. Ul and U2 outputs are com- bined across R43 and R44 and fed to the shaping circuit.

Replaceable Parts Table Page 6- 3. Scan Driver and Pen Lift Driver When installing replacement transistor, ensure sufficient lead length to dissipate soldering heat by using about the same length of exposed lead as used for original transistor.

Test procedures follow descriptions of individual circuits. The amplitude 85552b the signal should increase in incre- ments gp one division per dB step see Figure The plate 85522b plugs cannot be installed upside down as the plate has two holes corresponding to two guide rods in the mainframe.