Howdens kitchen query In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. I have the Feb Howdens Trade Price List right here in front of me. Reviews from HOWDENS JOINERY CO employees about HOWDENS JOINERY you are not allowed to discuss prices with them and trust in the sales game is key. Kitchen designer (Former Employee) – Wimbledon – 21 December 12/03/ in Latest Fleet News In taking the decision to use the Microlise solution, Howdens trialled the fleet performance module. and task management, with the objective of reducing call costs and making the exchange of information.

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Excellent company to work for – staff very well respected and looked after with excellent pay and bonus available, and benefits.

It is long hours and very fast paced. Buy and return what you want. I think we could have got better on hindsight, but that said they did us proud for the 6 or 7 years we had it before leaving the flat.

For example, they are trade only and don’t advertise their prices anywhere which means you have to find a fitter with a trade account. Basic is better but less in bonus. The Howdens stuff is decent quality.

Still need to get a fitter at a decent price but worth considering. A good company to work for 212 decent wages, bonuses and incentives.

HOWDENS JOINERY CO Employee Reviews for Kitchen Designer

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. God only knows why people don’t have washing machines in utility rooms etc! I shop with Howden for years but moved over to magnet trade as a result. Dec 13, Messages: WahreoMay 3, Interesting, so what would be reasonable discount to aim for? The only way to hit targets is to exceed prife 44 hour week, which is unpaid nor ‘time in Lou’ Working time regulation not so much. Nice Ideas Shame about the execution.


They have the catalogues in the showrooms with the retail prices in for all howrens units and bits, if you can get one you could work out what retail would be for an equivalent kitchen and then assume hoqdens range of discounts. Generally managers concerned only abou earning huge figures and bonuses, but not about their staff.

Howdens Kitchens – hom much is trade? – Singletrack Magazine

Everything gets covered up if its in their interests to do so. Ikea do not have any back panels set back, so you lisy be cutting out the back panels,then trying to make them look better when you fit them back, if pirce have any pipe runs behind the units. The ethos of the company is admirable and has obviously been ptice, however the management structure and company practices fully justify their customer review ratings. This happens all over the country, even though they have a Staff Handbook.

I have to say that the built carcases are nice, but the Ikea kitchens had better fittings hinges and drawer runners etc and overall were just as good. Overall a very good place to work which encourages and rewards productivity and enthusiasm. Oct 27, Messages: Jumped ship after 10 years as a kitchen designer to rpice competitor and hoedens much better to have a balanced family life they even encourage it.


Viewing 24 posts – 1 through 24 of 24 total. I have accounts with Howdens and Benchmarx. Unfortunately, I think this will fall to pieces as we also want integrated appliances which he has also arranged through Howdens which I think means he has specced a load of ‘Lamona’ junk rebranded Bush appliances with a very dubious reliability record We won’t want that so will tell him that we will source our own although I imagine he will be unhappy as that is also generating some profit for him.

May 4, Messages: May 3, at 1: I did as others have suggested and opened up a trade account to purchase the kitchen. WeegyAVLoverMay 3, The doors and carcasses are great quality.

Agree x 2 List.

My local company makes their units etc on site. A hard slog but worth the benifits. The howdens kitchen was my chippys idea, as he was keen on not having to build ikea flat pack and had just been given a howdens account. Jun 14, Messages: Oh go on then, seeing as you asked so politely.

From a quality perspective, I have had a Howdens kitchen fitted by a builder in our old flat.