Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice! Mark is known for helping people to hear the voice of God for themselves. 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice has ratings and 15 reviews. Christy said: Years ago I began writing letters to God and receiving answers from God throu. Mark Virkler’s teaching on the four keys to hearing God’s voice has helped hundreds of thousands of people of every age on every continent.

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Mark is known for helping people to hear the voice of God for themselves and draw them into a deeper relationship with Him. This article by Mark will really help many of our readers to connect with God on a deeper level.

Mark shares some awesome keys for hearing God’s voice as the title states and we can ALL benefit from this. Be blessed and encouraged to increase your hearing and knowing our Lord from a man who’s trained many people to do just that!

And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe just below A story from my own household: She had done it again! Instead of coming straight home from school like she was supposed to, she had gone to her friend’s house.

Without doing her chores. With a ministering household that included remnants of three struggling families, plus our own toddler and newborn, my wife simply couldn’t handle all the work on her own. Everyone had to pull their own weight.

Hearing God’s Voice

Gpd had age-appropriate tasks they were expected to complete. At fourteen, Rachel and her younger brother were living with us while her parents tried to overcome lifestyle patterns that had resulted in the children running away to escape the dysfunction.

I felt sorry for Rachel, but, honestly my wife was my greatest concern. Now Rachel had ditched her chores to spend time with her friends. It wasn’t the first virkled, but if I had anything to say about ivrkler, it would be the last.

I intended to lay down the law when she got home and make it very clear that if she was going to live under my roof, she would obey my rules. And I had recently been learning to hear God’s voice more clearly.

Hearing God’s Voice — Catch The Fire Toronto

Maybe I should try to see if I godd hear anything from Him about the situation. Maybe He could give me a way to get her to do what she was supposed to i. So I went to my office and reviewed what the Lord had been teaching me from Habakkuk 2: Then the Lord answered me and said, ‘Record the vision Habakkuk said, “I will stand on my guard post The first key to hearing God’s voice is to go to a quiet place and still our own thoughts and emotions.

Practicing the art of Biblical meditation helps silence the outer virrkler and distractions clamoring for our attention.

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

I didn’t have a guard post but I did have an office, so I went there to quiet my temper and my mind. Loving God through a quiet worship song is one very effective way to become still. In makr Kings 3Elisha needed a word from foice Lord so he said, “Bring me a minstrel,” and as the minstrel played, the Lord spoke. I have found that playing a worship song on my autoharp is the quickest way for me to come to stillness.


I need to choose my song carefully; boisterous songs of praise voie not bring me to stillness, but rather gentle songs that express my love and worship. To receive the pure word of God, it is very important that my heart be properly focused as I become still, because my focus is the source of the intuitive flow. If I fix my eyes upon Jesus see Hlw But if I fix my gaze upon some desire of my heart, the intuitive flow comes out of that desire.

To have a pure flow I must become still and carefully fix my eyes upon Jesus.

Quietly worshiping the King and receiving out of the stillness that follows quite easily accomplishes this. So I used the second key to hearing God’s voice: As you pray, fix the eyes of your heart upon Vrkler, seeing in the Spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God.

Habakkuk was actually looking for vision as he prayed. He opened the eyes of his heart, and looked into the spirit world to see what God wanted to show him. God has always spoken through dreams and visions, and He specifically said that they would come to those upon whom the Holy Spirit is poured out see Acts 2: Being a logical, rational person, observable facts that could be verified by my physical senses were the foundations of my life, including my spiritual life.

I had never thought of opening the eyes of my heart and looking for vision.

However, I have come to believe that this is exactly what God wants me to do. He gave me eyes in my heart to see in the spirit the vision and movement of Almighty God.

There is an active spirit world all around us, full of angels, demons,? The only reasons for me not to see this reality are unbelief or lack of knowledge. In his sermon in Acts 2: Because David knew that the Lord was always with him, he determined in his spirit to see that truth with the eyes of his heart as he went through life, knowing that this would keep his faith strong.

In order to see, we must look. Daniel saw a vision in his mind and said, “I was looking I kept looking” Daniel 7: Many Christians will find that if they will only look, they will see. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us see Matthew 1: It is as simple as that. You can see Christ present with you because Christ is present with you. In fact, the vision may come so easily that you will be tempted to reject it, thinking that it is just you.

But if you persist in recording these visions, your doubt will soon be overcome by faith as you recognize that the content of them could only be birthed in Almighty God. Jesus demonstrated the ability of living out of constant contact with God, declaring that He did nothing on His own initiative, but only what He saw the Father doing, and heard the Father saying see John 5: What an incredible way to live!

Is it possible for us to live out of divine initiative as Jesus did? We must simply fix our eyes upon Jesus. The veil has been torn, giving access into the immediate presence of God, and He calls us to draw near see Luke When I had quieted my heart enough that I was able to picture Jesus without the distractions of my own ideas and plans, I was able to “keep watch to see what He will speak to me.

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Immediately the thought came to me, “She is insecure.

Mark Virkler: “4 Keys to Hearing God – You Can Hear God’s Voice!”

Her behavior looked like rebellion to me, not insecurity. But like Habakkuk, I was coming to know the sound of God speaking to me see Habakkuk 2: Elijah described it as a still, small voice see 1 Kings I had previously listened for an inner audible voice, and God does speak that way at times. However, I have found that usually God’s voice comes as spontaneous thoughts, visions, feelings, or impressions. For example, haven’t you been driving down the road and had a thought come to you to pray for a certain person?

Didn’t you believe it was God telling you to pray? What did God’s voice sound like? Was it an audible voice, or was it a spontaneous thought that lit upon your mind?

Experience indicates that we perceive spirit-level communication as spontaneous thoughts, impressions, and visions, and Scripture confirms this in many ways. For example, one definition of pagaa Hebrew word for intercession, is “a chance encounter or an accidental intersecting. So the third key to hearing God’s voice is recognizing that God’s voice in your heart often sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts.

Therefore, when I want to hear from God, I tune to chance-encounter or spontaneous thoughts. Finally, God told Habakkuk to record the vision see Habakkuk 2: This was not an isolated command. The Scriptures record many examples of individual’s prayers and God’s replies, such as the Psalms, many of the prophets, and Revelation. I have found that obeying this final principle amplified my confidence in my ability to hear God’s voice so that I could finally make living out of His initiatives a way of life.

The fourth key, two-way journaling or the writing out of your prayers and God’s answers, brings great freedom in hearing God’s voice. I have found two-way journaling to be a fabulous catalyst for clearly discerning God’s inner, spontaneous flow, because as I journal I am able to write in faith for long periods of time, simply believing it is God. I know that what I believe I have received from God must be tested.

However, testing involves doubt and doubt blocks divine communication, so I do not want to test while I am trying to receive see James 1: With journaling, I can receive in faith, knowing that when the flow has ended I can test and examine it carefully. So I wrote down what I believed He had said: But the Lord wasn’t done. I continued to write the spontaneous thoughts that came to me: She is flesh of your flesh vlrkler bone of your bone.

My mind immediately objected: She is not flesh of my flesh. It was definitely time to test this “word from the Lord”! There are three possible sources of thoughts in our minds: And I sincerely doubted that satan would encourage me to love anyone unconditionally!

Okay, it was starting to look like I might have actually received counsel from the Lord. It was consistent with heqr names and character of God as revealed in the Scripture, and totally contrary to the names and character of the enemy. So that meant vrkler I was hearing from the Vooice, and He wanted me to see the situation in a different light.