by. Gary Cox. · Rating details · ratings · 61 reviews. How to Be an Existentialist is a witty and entertaining book about the philosophy of existentialism. How to be an Existentialist by Gary Cox, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. At the same time, Gary Cox’s recent book How to Be an Existentialist, bracingly subtitled How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses.

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This small book is a satisfying primer for a newcomer to existentialism, making additionally for a fun read for those well-versed in- and perhaps somewhat jaded by- heavier volumes on the subject. Why did you decide to write a biography of Sartre? Or is that part of what you are challenging readers to decide or not to decide for themselves?

Cox makes fun of the reputation existentialism has for being gloomy and pessimistic, exposing it for what it really is – an honest, uplifting, and potentially life changing philosophy! Anyway, as you say, Existentialism and Excess has also had glowing reviews; these have tended to come later from people who have had time to give the book proper consideration and to actually read it all.

Media All the Way Down: The only possible drawback? He makes it clear that he is on the political left and despises any sort of religious thought. The Secret Passion for his material, but he withdrew his name due to content disagreements — probably not helped by their great dislike of one another. Highly recommended for those interested in Existentialism or what to get real in life.

The Heart of the Game Bloomsbury, October is an excursion into object-oriented ontology and the philosophy, politics, aesthetics and literature of sport. Not unlike the idea of reaching “enlightenment,” one is only authentic when behaving authentically.


Gary Cox (philosopher) – Wikipedia

Just goes to show that existenitalist shouldn’t have to go through life with so many regrets. Not least, we are often unsure of our own motivations for thinking, feeling, and acting in the ways that we do.

Taken as systematic description of the real world, Existentialism is a fruitless neo-Kantian mess. I ended up admiring Sartre more and liking him less. Although a champion of the oppressed and a terrorist target, he was also a terrorist sympathizer and, I guess, would be one still.

Birmingham University,Bib Id: If there’s one thing worse than being a philistine, it’s being a sissy. I finished the book.

Please note there is a week delivery period for this title. Dec 04, Ve rated it did not like it Shelves: There are already existentiallst few Sartre biographies available such as Sartre: There is no real meaning in life, but this way of thinking recommends you to bravely accept that this is the way of life, and you can create your own purpose in life and enjoy it.

Interesting, breezy and very readable. His discussion of Nietzsche and Heidegger in relation to authenticity are mercifully clear.

According to Cox’s no-nonsense criteria I’m a kind of existential softy, in sympathy with Alan Bennett, who classified himself as being on the political “soft centre”.


Winning points for me were the inclusion of Camus simply because he refused the label of ‘existentialist’ does not mean his work didn’t represent many of the discipline’s focal areas and a brief discussion of This small book hhow a satisfying primer for a newcomer to existentialism, making additionally for a fun read for those well-versed in- and perhaps somewhat jaded by- heavier volumes on the subject.

The cute trick the author plays on the reader in showing that it is impossible to be an existentialist is forgivable and deftly points to the ultimate maxim “existence precedes essence.


Sartre and Fictionfor example, grew out of the research I did then, and the opinions I formed regarding his short stories, novels, and plays. Existentialism is all about freedom and personal existentialjst. He has become an absolute salaud, a total swine. Books by Gary Cox. The tone of this book started off slightly flippant in a way that I found off putting, and there were occasional jokes in that vein that carried on rather unnecessarily that the editor should have cut. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

His colossal output, across a vast range of philosophical issues, as an academic, essayist, novelist, existentiaist, and journalist, is remarkable.

In Praise of Slowness. It was really what I expected it to be, witty yet actually insightful. Most of the other students, however, clicking eb tongues due to this epiphanic realization, seemed to get it immediately. This little book blew me away, for two reasons. The authour wrote his PHD and several books on Sartre, so he uses a lot of examples from Sartre’s works, but still does an ok job of introducing other key existentialist thinkers.

He argued that genius is as genius does and certainly he forged his genius through his admirable, now legendary, capacity for hard work. Everyone is free, we are solely responsible for our lives. This one is the hipper, friendly version, while the other book is more scholarly. It is at least trying to process the philosophy’s thick and styleless abstractions into an accessible intro, but ends up being childish, macho, and uncritical. What we lack, is in fact the future.