“Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy” revised third international edition. By Farokh J . History of High Potency in Homoeopathy (p). On the. Introduction. Posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Posology is the study of Law of Dosage. How have the concepts of homeopathic posology evolved with Hahnemann and over history to our current understanding on the subject.

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This experience has given me a different perspective on centesimal scale remedies, and their strength and power.

Homeopathy Posology – |

When you no longer have any symptoms you may discontinue the remedy, and only resume if the symptoms start back up again. Each time you take a remedy the cycling process gets easier, but I wanted to make you aware that this is a normal process after taking a remedy. It has taken me many years to understand how to work with LM or Quin potencies safely.

If Hahnemann recommended using only 1 poppy seed sized granule dissolved in 7 or 8 TBS of waterwhich is about ml of water, or 4 oz. When I do prescribe the mid-range remedies, I am using fewer pellets than I used to. This is a very common mistake. I frequently revise these instructions to try to get them as accurate and succinct as possible:.

We would only repeat the remedy if these symptoms move backward for three or four days. What I found was that dry doses do tend to hold quite a bit longer than doses dissolved in water, but they can cause unnecessarily strong aggravations.

Discard the remainder of the liquid on the ground, or pour the liquid into a sealed container that you can dispose of at your convenience.

This is the way I have found to accomplish this goal. I ask them to swish the liquid posoloy their mouth for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing each spoon. Please be in contact with me by sending me weekly progress reports in the first month of treatment. Up until recently, my primary influences have been James Tyler Kent, and the American and European homeopaths of the 19th century, who prescribed mostly high potency remedies.


The goal is to keep aggravations or reactions to a minimum while moving the healing forward in as gentle a manner posooogy possible.

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If too much of the remedy is given they can have a strong aggravation. Nature of the Remedy — remedy reactivity, duration and depth of action. Generally, you will know that the remedy has located a symptom and is working on it, because you may experience a brief intensification in that symptom.

I always succuss for the second and subsequent doses. Hold the liquid in your mouth for 15 or 20 seconds before swallowing each sip.

I would use only one pellet, diluted in two, four or more ounces of water and give one teaspoon or more of the liquid to start with, as the patient gets accustomed to the remedy, and then reassess the quantity used when a homeopahhic is needed. The reason for this is that for some people the LM2 from the pharmacy is too strong.

Generally speaking an aggravations of symptoms is an indication that the remedy has found the symptoms it needs to poology on and is working on them. Then a materialistic mind set set in and I began to increase the number of pellets gradually to 5, 6, 8 and even ten pellets for a dose. Take only one dose and do not repeat the remedy. I used to feel sorry for them, thinking oh, too bad.

Once we have identified the two or three symptoms that we are using as markers, we watch these symptoms for evidence of relapse. My goal is to make the instructions clear and and understandable.

I do not repeat the bomeopathic frequently during acutes, as many homeopaths do, because I have found that if the remedy is working and the person is feeling better, repeating the remedy can aggravate the situation unnecessarily.

Once they feel the benefit of this, they are more likely to accept taking the remedy orally. Here is a sample of a second prescription of a typical 30C strength remedy in a person with average sensitivity. I am sharing this information about homeopathic posology and how I dose with you, because there is a lot of confusion about this amongst homeopaths and the public.


Some people take the remedy once a month. Yet homeopaths homoepathic are repeating high potencies daily with no pozology, and claim to get positive results. The goal of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of bomeopathic, was to prescribe in a way that would be as gentle as possible, while keeping the healing moving forward. If you see a strong amelioriation or a strong aggravation after a dose it is time to pause and wait.

When in a case, the symptoms of a patient are very well matched by the symptom picture of the drug, and especially if the mental symptoms are present and clearly marked, then a high potency seems advisable. This is my latest revision.

Journal of Inspired living. The FDA requires this information to be printed on the bottles, but it is overdosing for homeopathic remedies. When it does so the symptoms may intensify for awhile before they get better. Do they lead a sedentary life? The American homeopaths, such as James Tyler Kent, tended to use much higher potencies, because they wanted quick and dramatic results, and were not as concerned about gentleness as Hahnemann was.

He only used the C strength a few times. As always, it is advisable to seek advise from your experienced professional before administering any homeopathic remedies, in any potencies. If you feel that the benefit from the remedy is plateauing, meaning that you do not experience increasing benefit from continuing with that dose of the remedy, it is okay to go up to the next level of the LM potency without finishing the bottle at the level where you are at.

I have had many years of experience with homeopathy and I would love people to have positive, safe and gentle experiences with it.