The Hologic Discovery DXA system enables you to identify patients at risk for osteoporosis and other debilitating conditions. Delivering exceptional precision. The QDR Explorer™—Hologic’s newest bone densitometer—utilizes our Explorer comes equipped with many features found on our high-end DXA systems. Hologic – ExplorerA milestone in the assessment of osteoprosis., The QDR Explorer utilizes Hologic’s exclusive OnePass fan-beam technology to perform.

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Discovery DXA System | Hologic

Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: News March 10, Greg Freiherr Events About. Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd. The Advanced Body Composition assessment feature produces color images displaying the distribution of fat, lean mass, bone and fat mass index.

Skip to main content. Comparison between measures of atherosclerosis and risk of stroke: FRAX was developed by the World Health Organization WHO to help healthcare providers identify and proactively treat patients with a high risk of debilitating bone fractures due to low bone mass and other significant risk factors.


Predictive value of noninvasive measures of atherosclerosis for incident myocardial infarction: Technology November 07, The Discovery DXA system features bone densitometry exploreer that allows clinicians to assess bone health in patients who may be at risk. Radiologic technologists and radiology departments looking to meet Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Digital Radiography Technology Report: Technology October 19, Technology June 15, The IVA-HD tool dramatically improves the detection of vertebral fractures by doubling the resolution of previously available techniques with a low-dose, single-energy image.

Teenagers who are obese may be doing irreparable damage to their bones, according to a new study presented at the News Bone Densitometry Systems February 22, The information is translated into an easy-to-interpret report for improved patient management and counseling. Technology December 20, Technology August 22, News Radiology Imaging August 14, News Bone Densitometry Systems November 27, In fact, nearly 39 percent of all female deaths in the U.

Discovery DXA System

August 22, — Hologic Inc. Teenagers who are obese may be doing irreparable damage to their bones, according to a new study being presented at exploger The IVA-HD tool also allows you to visualize calcified plaques in the abdominal aorta, which may be a significant indicator of heart disease and stroke. All Rights Reserved French translation of Hologic.


It is one of hoogic most expensive diseases and is Cheung, University of Toronto. Image courtesy of ImagingTutor. Technology August 28, In Sweden, 70, fractures are caused by osteoporosis every year.

Discovery measures the two primary diagnostic indicators of osteoporosis — bone mineral density and vertebral fractures. The FRAX fracture risk assessment tool calculates a patient’s year probability of hip and other osteoporotic fractures.

High-resolution digital explorre array, which improves fracture detection visualization of abdominal aortic calcifications.

News Clinical Trials November 22, Sectra Bone Density Analysis. The Hologic Discovery DXA system enables you to identify patients at risk dxplorer osteoporosis and other debilitating conditions.