“And I absolutely adore Hollowpoint. I have been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now, so many different systems, different genres, etc. I’ve never played a. Hollowpoint, by VSCA, “is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. INTRODUCTION. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically.

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Taking too many will cost everyone in ho,lowpoint long run, and perhaps even the glutton in the short run. Hollowpoint Average Rating: The player then has to narrate how the trait interacts with the story.

I’ve seen campaigns devolve and collapse into that because of bad players, with World of Darkness games being particularly susceptible.

Thoughts on “hollowpoint” | Hollowpoint | RPGGeek

Brent also creates 4e adventures that are very highly regarded. The template skills are: Hollowpoint seamlessly blends genre and system.

No Comments May 15, These characters are strong, independent, superior operatives. Jollowpoint presents a very different frame and approach, from The Wild Bunch to Outland.

Hollowpoint clocks in at trade-paper sized pages. This well-crafted little red book with a grinning maniac on the cover isn’t a game, in and of itself, it’s an excuse to make a game, filling in the details and telling an awesome action-movie story with your buddies.

Burning a physical trait means the loss of that object or thing. Ratings in skills translate directly into dice usable for conflicts related to them. Like hollowpoitn previous example, Changeling would also focus on a form of Courtly politics.


Just plain killing anything. The sheet was created primarily for first time players, cons, gamedays and such but can be used for anything Hollowpoint. As the mission presses on, the GM adds more dice for jollowpoint succeeding conflict.

I mean it can’t be a commentary, can it, that the introduction sets up the players to be heartless and remorseless killers and then cites Gault’s “Some Remarks on Slaughter” and Grossman’s On Killing. And whenever a character moves on, and a new one is introduced, five dice to the Teamwork Pool come with them. Bad people doing bad things for bad reasons. An Agent might be a rocket scientist or a concert-level cellist or have seven Ph.

This gollowpoint that mission personal for the character. Players run agents — skilled, expert, and trained — on a level far beyond ordinary sheep. CopyrightVSCA Publishing Agents also begin the game with five traits, the real soul of the character play experience.

At any point in the process, players may burn one of their traits to gain two extra dice.

G2P – Hollowpoint

We can work something out. Then the players would have to carry out the goals rppg ambitions of the clan at that moment, glad to sacrifice themselves to the greater cause. If you go first, you get to narrate whom hlolowpoint are targeting, and hollowoint your brought-to-bear skill means to the conflict — what you DO to that target.

When players roll, they create dice sets of matching numbers. Traits are a mechanical one-time bonus in play and also a hook for the stories a character wishes to tell. Black silhouette illustrations leave the images hollowoint to interpretation and reading. The gang has just completed a heist and find themselves confronted by the police while leaving.


One could run a loose take on some of the classic White Wolf World of Darkness games using this system. The hollowpolnt difference between these ranks is the minor special ability possessed. The agency provides the leash tying the PCs together. The target of the action must remove a die from one of those sets. That can generate many different answers, some of them presenting a real challenge for the player to work into a scene.

The following two tabs change content below. Within rolled results, players are looking for matching sets of dice — with each set having a length the number of dice in the set and a width the number on the face of that set.

Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint

All conflicts resolve through a series of dice exchanges; after dicing and resolving, the scene results in success or failure. Finally, players create a complication tied to the mission.

The stark presentation fits the tone of the game. Brent Newhall chimes in over at hkllowpoint blog. Notably, players may bid for dice from the teamwork pool — five dice in a bowl for each player.