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In the authors experience, detorsion failure is common in cases presented after 36 hours of delay and in animals where a dead emphysematous fetus is present or uterine adhesions have formed or uterine rupture has occurred. Torsio uteri in cattle.

In a recent analysis, significantly higher proportion of dystocia affected buffaloes were in the first tuerina second parities compared to all other parities [9]. Eds Maternal Dystocia Treatment: On the etiology of diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes Bubalus bubalis.

hipodinamia uterina

The radiographic appearance of reticular diaphragmatic herniation and traumatic pericarditis in buffaloes and cattle. Buffalo J ; Post on Nov views. It is uncommon for rupture of the uterus to occur when attempting to correct torsion by rolling the animal.

To view click on figureClinical SignsImproper vulvar relaxation may be confirmed clinically and there may be difficulty in inserting a lubricated hand into the birth canal. Varghese Publishing House, Bombay, India Annual Report Raj Agric Univ One or both lips hpodinamia the vulva are pulled in Fig.

Inducción de parto

Kumar N, Singh B. It is hipoddinamia to correct the primary cause of dystocia and deliver the fetus. The fetus, whether it is present in the abdomen or in the uterus, must be removed and the uterine tear repaired. Macroscopically, the color of the uterine wall changes from rose-pink to blue-purple and grey following torsion indicating the progressive metabolic deterioration of uterus [].


Congestion, edema and hematoma are present in the uterine ligaments, meso-ovarium and ovaries []. Histopathological observations on buffaloes affected with uterine torsion revealed progression towards severe inflammation [51,].

Partial anorexia, dullness and depression may be evident [59,95].

The degree of torsion is generally 90 to although it can occur up to or even more. Clinical studies on problems of parturition and post parturient reproductive disorders in buffaloes. Because of fetal death and the consequent uterine adhesions that develop in cases operated after 36 hours, it is not always possible to detorse the uterus before the removal of the fetus. Indian Vet J ; It is known that detorsion is difficult in the presence of a dead fetus [70].

Torsion of gravid hipodunamia and laparohysterotomy in bovine – A report on 72 clinical cases. Thesis, Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Carcinoma of Urinary BladderCarcinoma of the urinary bladder is extremely rare in the bubaline species. One or two cuts applied on the cervix are usually sufficient to deliver the calf. Reprod Suppl ; Spontaneous vaginal rupture at parturition in a buffalo.

An anlaysis of 65 cases. The fetus is grasped by a bony prominence such as elbow, sternum or thigh and swung from side to side before being pushed right over in the opposite direction of torsion.

The patient must be evaluated for presence of toxemia and shock, since cases presented to the obstetrician hipodinamiz 36 hours, are likely to have one or more of these conditions.

Changes in biochemical blood constituents of buffaloes with uterine torsion and the effect of caesarean section and certain postoperative therapeutic measures. Effects of dystocia, fetotomy and caesarean sections on the liver enzymes hippodinamia and concentrations of some serum biochemical parameters in dairy cattle.


Different operative sites for a caesarean are suggested including the right [,] or left flank, midline on or parallel to linea albahorizontal incision above arcus cruralis [], or appropriate incision in the right [59], left lower flank [58,60,] or an oblique ventrolateral approach with the animal in right lateral recumbency [79,]. J Assisted Reprod Genetics ; Fetuses are delivered h later in such hipoddinamia.

Inducción de parto

Animals with delivery problems associated with the cervix are those that had already delivered many calves [49]. If dystocia is prolonged without fetal delivery, the fetal fluids are expelled out and the uterus contracts tightly around the fetus.

Haryana Vet ; After two rolling, the birth canal should be examined to determine whether the torsion is corrected or not. Nature of Uterine TorsionA pregnant uterine horn may rotate at mid to late gestation, at normal parturition time, or sometimes postpartum. Endocrine changes in late bovine pregnancy with special emphasis on fetal well being. Vet Radiol Ultrasound ; Perivaginal abscesses or hematomas may be palpable assoft or firm fluctuating masses pressing the vaginal walls inwardly [1].

Excessive adrenal stimulation due to 1 to 2 extra rolls causes slower decline in plasma cortisol during postdetorsion period []. Enzyme activities and substrate concentrations in blood plasma of uterian with surgically treated uterine torsion intra partum.