Sacred music and dance are fundamental to the Santo Daime religion. The earliest hymns are The hinario of Padrinho Sebastiao is sung on Irineu’s birthday (Dec. 15), Saint ‘O Justiceiro’ and ‘Nova Jerusalem’ (The New Jerusalem). O Justiceiro by Padrinho Sebastião / Soft Cover ” x ” Spiral O Justiceiro cover image Hinário do Marcelo Queiroz cover image. 26 out. Padrinho Sebastião believed that the right strategy in this battle was for . news to the Ceu do Mar after the closing of the hinário ” O Justiceiro”.

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Listening very well to what nature told him, and knowing that it was his mission to bring the Santo Daime to the whole country, he created a community deep into the rainforest, from where he would lead the expansion of the doctrine to the cities of Brazil. The families that were previously formed mostly by peasants and rubber latex workers from the Amazon region, also jsticeiro to receive middle class people, intellectuals, and artists.


With about inhabitants living an ecologically-aware lifestyle, and a great floating population of visitors, it faces today the challenge of getting ready to play its role as the worldwide headquarters for a spiritual mission whose high quality is widely recognized.

The village is now considered a model of rainforest preservation through the practice of a sustainable economy. The patron of the city of Rio de Janeiro! Padrinho, already gathered, gets up from the bed. Madrinha Rita begs padrinho to stand up.

Offical Hinários

The pain at seeing him not responding to his appeals is contagious. Maria Toca and Dodo arrive in the bathroom.

The doctor examines and runs out of courage to say that his heart has stopped. The women around the bed massaged his body, praying God would revive him. The force that made the request equals the pain that shows.

Later son Alfredo interrupted the trip to new groups. Rita shares her pain with each child.


Gradually the light of understanding and firmness that surrounds it is visible. It is the master acting, fulfilling his request.

O Justiceiro Volume 1

The emotion is general, to witness such a serious moment, the departure of an enlightened man from the earth, saying goodbye to the material world. Embalmed receives honors from illustrious spiritual master giving opportunities for many to resent his last honors.

Madrinha Rita implora ao Padrinho que a levante. Madrinha Rita compartilha sua dor com cada filho.