For upper-level undergraduate courses in herpetology, found in departments of Biology, Zoology, Natural Resources, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, this. Herpetology, Fourth Edition presents a functional understanding of Instructor resources to accompany Herpetology, Fourth Edition, by F. Harvey Pough, Robin . By F. Harvey Pough, Robin M. Andrews, John E. Cadle, et al., Published on 01/ 01/

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ARC Resources for Herpetology, 4e

herpetokogy Gaits of the Australian freshwater crocodile Crocodylus johnstoni http: US Higher Education Not for profit. Defensive Mechanisms Avoiding detection Signaling inedibility Avoiding capture Preventing consumption Phylogenetic Systematics and the Origins of Amphibians and Reptiles 2. No results were found Suggestions: Biogeography of the Recent Past Climate change, isolation, and refugia Sky islands 5.

Body Support and Thrust Migration Breeding migrations of amphibians Breeding migrations of terrestrial reptiles Breeding migrations of sea turtles Migrations to overwintering sites Reproductive Anatomy, Gametes, and Sperm Storage 9. Communication by Crocodylians Communication by alligators Communication by crocodiles Communication by juvenile crocodylians Do crocodylians use chemical signals? Corey Rooker rated it it was amazing Poguh 18, Andy rated it liked it Jun 10, She made the transition from Entomology to Herpetology during a postdoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute with A.


Dragons of the Dry http: An overview of migration by sea turtles http: Future editions could be improved by adding pictures in color as opposed to the black and white in this book.

Dallin Kohler rated it really ;ough it Dec 02, Aestivation, Hibernation, and Freezing Hibernation and aestivation Freeze resistance and freeze tolerance 7.

Intertial feeding by a crocodile monitor Varanus salvadorii https: Body Support and Locomotion A ppough frog spreading waxy secretions on its skin https: Life Histories of Reptiles Patterns of life history variation Trade-offs and life history evolution Chapter Effectiveness herpefology Thermoregulation 6.

Reproduction and Life Histories of Amphibians 8. In addition, each episode includes animals and behaviors that illustrate topics from other chapters, and the entire series is well worth viewing.

Regina rated it liked it Jun 30, Synapsida and Diapsida 2. Make sure the author’s name is spelled correctly Make sure you are in the right Discipline Try searching only the last name. The Future of Amphibians and Reptiles Chapter 2. Rapid evolution herbivorous specializations by the Italian wall lizard Podarcis siculus https: Ecological Consequences of Movement Amphibians and Reptiles in Terrestrial Ecosystems 1. Methods for Studying Movements Mating Systems of Amphibians and Reptiles Scramble competition mating systems Mate searching Mate guarding Multiple mate-guarding strategies Leks and choruses Resource defense Parachuting and gliding by frogs, lizards, and snakes https: Your query will be directed to the appropriate individual and you will receive a response within two weeks.


Grouchymax rated it really liked it May 31, The full text of all 22 volumes is available online through the Gans Collection and Charitable Fund.