I wanted to take my first step and learn the kana. Kana are the two syllable based Japanese writing systems, the hiragana and the katakana. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m new to the sub. Has anyone used this booklet before? Is it effective? I’m currently using memrise. I was thinking of waiting till after Kanji to do Kana but I was thinking it might be better to But I don’t know Heisig-sensei’s kana books at all.

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In order to feel home in the language, being able to read is crucial as well.

I wanted to take my first step and learn the kana. Kana are the two syllable based Japanese writing systems, the kaja and the katakana. The katakana are used for writing foreign loan words, names, etc. Hiragana on the other hand have a more curved and smooth look and are usually kna to write Japanese words for which no kanji exist.


As an example, here is the word k ana written in katakana: In theory hiragana are enough to write any Japanese sentence. The latter is the Japanese name for our western alphabet. Kanji are adopted Chinese characters, of which about 2, are necessary in order to be able to read a Japanese newspaper. Kna wanted to learn in a smart way and use stories and images.

Remembering the Kana with sounds – AnkiWeb

I wanted to use mnemonics. With that in mind I went on my journey.

I started building some images on my own, which worked pretty well. I ordered the book on January 1st and had it in my hands a couple of days later. It can be read from either side and has a shared middle part.

It saved me a tremendous amount of time! The book provides an easy and fast access to the kana. You will quickly be able to recognize them. However, you will not be able to read fluently.

Once you speak the words out loud you will most likely understand their meanings. Hiragana and Katakana can be learned and remembered fast and convenient when using the right method. If you are struggling learning the kana or have the feeling that your method is not as effective as it kaana be, maybe the book is a good fit for you too.


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Remembering the Kana : A Guide to Reading and Writing the Japanese Syllabaries in 3 Hours Each

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Learning the Kana with the Heisig Method. Remembering the Kana With that in mind I went on my journey.

The book has two parts, the first is about the hiragana, the second about the katakana.

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