The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. John Bedini is recognized today as an electrical/electronic. The article following is a brief account of my construction and testing of the Bedini /Cole window motor. It is a work in progress and thus may. Besides this motor, there is one version called a “Bedini-Cole Window Motor” This is what it looks like: The plans have been given out to the.

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Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: Mike HMM from the gn0sis forum has built a modified Bedini Cole window motor which he can run without batteries for hours and can charge up empty capacitors.

John Bedini Window Motor

The motor does not run indefinitely. The thought is that it might be made to with more robust components.


Winxow the one time Mike’s unit was allowed to run overnight, it fried components in the circuit, presumably the capacitor. He has documented all the facets of his motor.

Bedini-Cole Window Motor Electric motor runs without draining batteries!!! – Energetic Forum

Sevaral people are presently endeavoring to replicate the effect which Mike has claimed to be over unity. All original diagrams, pictures and video can be found there. Multiple people are building, and Dom’s replication is probably the farthest along.

There are at least half a dozen working on it. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the progress or show their own progress.

OS:Modified Bedini Cole Window Motor –

Stefan Hartman February 15, Mike is building a second motor progress reported in the same thread mentioned above. Mike HMM states that he does not claim this to be over unity.

Mike’s success announced by Stefan Hartmann at OverUnity. I wiindow alot from these illustrations, look at the commutator to see the timing Video of original Bedini-Cole motor “Mike’s modification is better”.


For the sake of brevity, a package wineow been made with quite a few pictures and the video related to this:. Just click on the ” There was an error working with the wiki: Bedini-Cole Motor – Mike Replication. New selfrunning overunity motor!

Modified Bedini Cole Window Motor. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

Edit wiki on beta. About Official Hbeedini none Primary Coverage gnOsis Thread Originating thread where the replication was first posted, and the main replication attempts began.