The Blood of Christ. Thu, Nov 08, by Harold B Sightler. Series: Pulpit Hour. Dr. Harold B. Sightler. Share. Audio:listendownload · CAN GOD, GOD CAN. Mrs. Harold B. Sightler, the “First Lady” of Tabernacle Baptist Church and the wife of the Prince of Preachers in the Southland, died early Thursday morning, Oct. NAME, SPEAKER, MESSAGE TITLE. The Marvelous Grace of God · Dr Harold Sightler, The Marvelous Grace of God. Handfuls On Purpose · Dr Harold Sightler .

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I remember Odell Good and Dan Norris driving an old prewar Ford two door coupe through the streets of Pelham preaching over loudspeakers attached to the top of the car and playing and singing gospel siightler.

Both Lockhart and Woodruff are mill towns, very much like Pelham. At the first class the professor presented a preterist, amillennial point of view and said that everything in Revelation was symbolic and had already been fulfilled in 70 A. Graves, the 19th century editor of the Tennessee Baptist, which my Dad always siightler that his students read.

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If it had been brought up a floor fight would have ensued, sgihtler there were a number of Southern Baptist Churches in Greenville and elsewhere who would have supported our application.

The Sinners Hell In Review. Commentary On Hebrews In August the church, by that time organized, borrowed the remaining money, 21, dollars, for the building from Atlantic Gulf States Insurance Company.

Tommy Ellison said that my Dad came to Belton, another mill town, in and got permission to hold a meeting in an old tabernacle which was being used only sporadically. Norman, at Morgan Memorial Baptist Church, took him “under his wing” and tutored and encouraged him. Naomi also played for the Grace Trio, which sang from about l to Airy, NC to hear Dr.



In when my dad was 10 the family sigthler to Greenville and attended East Park Baptist church. Brother Driggers was also often present at meetings at J. Their wives signed renunciation of dower on the loan for dollars to buy the land and get started.

Harold Taylor was a charter member of Tabernacle who had come from Pleasant View Welcome Baptist Church, and was appointed as songleader. This left a permanent change in her face. The officer got out, listened for a minute or so, and then drove away without interfering in any uarold.

Harold B. Sightler

He always had a brief testimony on prayer meeting or Sunday nights. Sightler founded the Tabernacle Baptist Church on White Horse Road in Greenville in and was the pastor for 42 years and 2 months until his death in September of A pioneer of independent Baptists in haroold Carolinas, he was highly respected with independent Baptists nationwide.

But most of the charter members of Tabernacle were millworkers from Greenville who had been coming to Pelham for some time before the church was organized. Harold Smith had already been preaching from loudspeakers mounted on a red Piper Cub which he flew a few hundred feet in the air over Greenville.

As early as the Baker family of the Parker Community in Greenville, the center of the mill communities, began to attend the late Sunday night services at Pelham singing Southern Gospel music.


Cottage prayer meetings began to be held at the home of the Chappelears, both before and after the organization of Tabernacle. Harold to preach at Dunean. My mother remained semicomatose from a brain contusion at Spartanburg General for about 3 weeks. This was done just at the end of World War II.

Both Oliver and my Dad had learned something of pre-millennialism harkld entering college. In the county association, because it was, I believe, determined to ahrold out churches such as Tabernacle and Tanglewood, who would not hew to the party line, passed a resolution which required that the application of any new church for membership would have to lie on the table for a year before it could be acted on.

This was only about 3 blocks from the home of my grandfather Horace and my Dad’s house as well on Underwood Ave. I had not known that Dr.

Pastor Harold Sightler — Man Of God

Haold began to get saved, and the church grew. The objections were based on its content of old time camp meeting songs and on its publication by a division of Pathway Press, Tennessee Music and Printing Company, in Cleveland, TN, which is associated with the Church of God. It took no small courage for Pastor Norman to take in barold give a pulpit to a young man who had just been ejected from one of his own denomination’s schools.