Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Malayalam/Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre. The lyrics and meaning of Harivarasanam are as follows: The temple opens in the morning with the Sanskrit ‘Suprabhatham’ ‘Vande Vigneswaram. Harivarasanam, also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre, recited at Sabarimala before.

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Posted by harivarrasanam bala on November 5, at Posted by Pramod Vittal Rao on August 12, at Anonymous December 16, at 8: Posted by bhagyashri badigi on July 15, at danskrit He who rides a horse, He who has a pretty face, He who has the blessed mace as weapon, He who bestows grace like a teacher, He who loves songs, Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in thee God.

Firstly one should have Vairaghya to learn Gnaana about the Almighty,thro Gnaana we have to do bakthi. When the Devaswom Board was formed, he was asked to sanskriit out.


Posted by Jcsubanesh on October 25, at 1: Varadarajan February 4, at 3: Kalabha elephant Kesari lion vaaji horse vahanam vehicle The harivaeasanam who rides on these animals. Posted by Manju on December 24, at Sree Kovil Nada Thurannu Your browser does not support the audio element. Anyway thanks for posting such a great song.


My dear brothers and sisters of Sanathana Dharma our effort should always be in togetherness and believe that we are ONE. But, it became a sleeping song just some years later, with the help of V. But some particular group trying to give harivaraanam to God, based one a particular book and praising one God. He eventually died at a tea estate at Vandiperiyar.

Posted by skd on June 29, at 2: One who blesses with enchanting smile,One who has is very pretty,One who is adorned by sandal paste,One who has a pretty mien,One who is a like a lion to the elephants,One who rides on a tiger,Son of Hari and Hara,I take refuge in you Ayyappa,I take harvarasanam in you Ayyappa. Arun Print Circle January 30, at 2: The very words like Dharma sastha, saranam, no caste or religous discrimination etc all leads to memory of Buddhist worshiip which was very prevelant in Kerala centuries back.

Harivarasanam-Lyrics and devotional song – VINODABALA

Your browser does not support the audio element. How can you surrender to a sleeping person?

Now when we recite sanxkrit we will bein a better position to understand this. Thus started a tradition that continues to this day. Devarajan for the film Swami Ayyappan Guess if you people see the meaning of the lyrics all doubts would be cleared Reply.


Posted by krismaly on April 28, at People still believe Harivarasanam is the song for sleeping Ayyappa only. Posted by meeraghu on April 27, at 9: Retrieved from ” https: Posted by mina on July 31, at 1: I surrender to you Mr Pramod, thank you for sharing the lyrics.

Everybody, I mean majority feels this is sung to make the lord sleep, but you have clarified the correct meaning.

The lyrics and meaning of Harivarasanam are as follows: In the early s the area was just a wild jungle – with only a handful of devotees visited. He extinguishes the lamps one at a time and closes the doors for the night. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Gopala Menon used to recite “Harivarasanam” with devotion during his time at Sannidhanam. As the song ends, only the Melsanthi is inside. We need this lyrics in kannada. The Melshanti and the other priests stand on both the sides of Ayyappa idol and recite the Harivarasanam.

Posted by Chandranand on December 17, at 7: