Yogur bajo en calorías añadido con harina de yacón: desarrollo y evaluación físico-química. Article (PDF Available) in Revista Chilena de. I’m a product description. I’m a great place to include more information about your product. Buyers like to know what they’re getting before they purchase. Estudo das carcaterísticas químicas e enzimáticas de Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) e fisicoquimica del harina de yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius).

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This may result from coloring of flour, which happens due to enzymatic browning reactions by the presence of phenolic compounds 4and non-enzymatic browning during yogurt processing.

In Brazil, the addition of yacon flour is reported mainly as an ingredient in cereal-based products, such as cakes, “Champurrada” type biscuits, snacks and breads 6, 7. Production of yacon flour Yacon flour was produced according to the methodology described in Ribeiro 10being obtained from A quadratic model was chosen to explain acidity variation with yacon flour supplemented yogurt.

Regression equations for the variation of the water content, ash, IDF, SDF, FOS and inulin due to yacon flour addition X and their respective coefficient of determination R 2 and probability value for the regression model F. Yadon of physicochemical determinations were analyzed in a completely randomized design CRD 18 model, with 5 yogurt formulations and 2 repetitions.

ecorganicos-colombia-harina-yacon » Ecorgánicos de Colombia

Centesimal composition of the yogurt Results of the centesimal composition of the yogurts are given in table 1. No differences were observed between treated groups and T0 on feed consumption. Dietary modulation of the human colonic microbiota: They were capable of providing dietary fiber concentrations higher than the minimum recommended by Brazilian regulations. Lab color coordinates were determined by a CR color reader from Konica Minolta with the following operating conditions: Concept in functional foods: Determination of Lab color values of the yogurts.


Parallel to this, there has been a rapid development in foods which present not only nutritional characteristics and proper technology, but also ingredients that have a biological role in preventing diseases and promoting health, known as functional foods 2.

This is in agreement with Brazilian regulations which suggest a pH value of 4.

However, the yogurts containing more than 2. Rev Bras Prod Agroind ;11 2: Low-calorie yogurt added with yacon flour: This growth may be uacon by the higher levels of phosphorus and potassium in the flour, since yacon has significant concentrations of such minerals, Process for production of light yogurt added with yacon.


This was expected since the yacon root has low concentrations of these compounds 4. The inclusion of 0. Therefore, it is suggested that the FOS and inulin content in yogurts with 1. The caloric value in this study was calculated based on protein, lipid and carbohydrate contents.

This reduced gumminess during intake Values of total dietary fiber, FOS and inulin in the yogurts determined through the enzymatic-gravimetric and HPLC methods were lower than expected. This experiment lasted for 2 minutes and generated a total of 30 points.


The control yogurt consisted of a basic mixture of skim milk sweetened with aspartame, without addition of yacon flour. This estimate was based on yacon flour centesimal composition. No application of this product is found whatsoever in drinks, since milk-based products are easily consumed and versatile with high physiological functionality, and also viewed ed healthy products among consumers.

Results were expressed in mPa. Results suggest that the addition of yacon flour to yogurt has little effect on the caloric value. Yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius, Polymnia sonchifolia Poepp. The yogurt serving size was set to be mL. This indicates the little influence that yacon may have on yogurt composition when used as an ingredient. However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is se commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.

Cienc Rural ;39 6: It was not possible, however, to obtain yogurts considered source of FOS and inulin as expected. Determination of Lab color values of the yogurts Lab color coordinates were determined by a CR color reader from Konica Minolta with the following operating conditions: Rev Bras Cienc Farm ;43 2: Int Dairy J ; Yogurts hatina with 2. Results of apparent viscosity measurement of the yogurts.