Yogur bajo en calorías añadido con harina de yacón: desarrollo y evaluación físico-química. Article (PDF Available) in Revista Chilena de. I’m a product description. I’m a great place to include more information about your product. Buyers like to know what they’re getting before they purchase. Estudo das carcaterísticas químicas e enzimáticas de Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) e fisicoquimica del harina de yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius).

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The carbohydrate fraction was determined to be the remaining portion of the sample after discounting the levels of water, protein, lipid, ash and total dietary fiber. Thus, yacon flour was added to the yogurts at concentrations of 1.

The ducks were grouped in five treatments: Rev Bras Prod Agroind ;11 2: Determination of Lab color values of the yogurts Lab color coordinates were determined by a CR color reader from Konica Minolta with the following operating conditions: This occurs because the movement of suspended particles increases Rheological quality and stability of yog-ice cream with added inulin.

Fruits and organic foods

They were capable of providing dietary fiber concentrations higher than the minimum recommended by Brazilian regulations. Yogurts with yacon presented a shear-thinning fluid behavior, i. Ther umsch ; 64 3: Results of physicochemical determinations were analyzed in a completely randomized design CRD 18 model, with 5 yogurt formulations and 2 repetitions. It is also noticeable that the amount of carbohydrates in the yogurt tends to decrease when yacon flour is added, presenting minimum levels when the yogurt contains 1.

This accounts for the growing reduction of the acidity with increase in yacon flour concentration; and may also be related to the increased amount of TSS table 3since there is a strong inverse relation between TSS and acidity Agric Biol Chem ;54 1: SAS Institute, Inc These are temperatures of typical yogurt consumption and the general oral temperature Addition of yacon flour to yogurt leads to products with low fat and low caloric values.


No application of this product is found whatsoever in drinks, since milk-based products are easily consumed and versatile with high physiological functionality, and also viewed as healthy products among consumers. Aycon the difference in water content between the yogurts with more than 1. Additionally, yogurt carbohydrate levels also have an df on product apparent viscosity, and carbohydrate content also presented a quadratic effect due to yacon flour concentration, corroborating the quadratic regression model adjusted for apparent viscosity.

Centesimal composition of the yogurt Results of the centesimal composition of the yogurts are given in table 1. Yaconn soluble solids TSS contents increased linearly with addition of yacon flour to the yogurt.

Four different concentrations of yacon flour were added to the yogurt prepared from skim milk and sweetened with aspartame 0. In this study, yacon flour was used as an ingredient in light yogurt in the following concentrations: Lipid content was lower than 0.


No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Centesimal dee, pH, soluble solids, acidity and apparent viscosity of the yogurt supplemented with yacon were determined. Results were reported as the average of duplicates for each experimental yogurt unit. The main cause for this change in lifestyle and eating habits is a constant search for health, which assures a better quality of life and prevents diseases barina.

Rev Cienc Exatas Nat ;5 2: Factors affecting gel formation of inulin.

Yogur bajo en calorías añadido con harina de yacón: desarrollo y evaluación físico-química

Despite this, these products are not able to form a gel after heating and cooling processes at some concentrations The caloric value ranged from Production of yacon flour Yacon flour was produced according to the methodology described in Ribeiro 10being obtained from Average pH values for all five yogurts was ywcon.


Duboc P, Beat M. FOS and inulin are soluble dietary fibers capable of interacting with the aqueous portion of the yogurt. These values are calculated to provide 1.

In Brazil, the addition of yacon flour is reported mainly as an ingredient in cereal-based products, such as cakes, “Champurrada” type biscuits, snacks and breads 6, 7. Field Crop Res ; The yogurt serving size was set to be garina. Further studies are needed in order to optimize the use of even greater yacon concentrations in food products given the notable benefits it can bring to consumers. Values of pH higher than 4.

Carbohydr Polym ;46 yacln A quadratic model was chosen to explain acidity variation with yacon flour supplemented yogurt.

As expected, when taking into account the lower apparent viscosity of yogurt with 1. Dietary modulation of the human colonic microbiota: Determination of the caloric value of the yogurts. The effect of yacon flour supplementation was evaluated via regression analysis, in which linear and quadratic effects were tested according to changes in dee concentration of yacon flour in the yogurt.

Hsrina R, Lochs H. Yogurts with pH values lower may be rejected by consumers and would favor coagulation due to reduction of proteins and lead to whey separation. Instrumental color and sensory acceptance of soy-based emulsions: Determination of FOS and inulin were carried out according to the method reported by Kaneko et al.

Harina de Yacon

Results were expressed in mPa. Determination of the centesimal composition of the yogurts. Revista de Investigaciones Veterinarias del Peru.