Vortex Puzzle Solution – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Vortex Puzzle the ‘VORTEX¨ piece to the hollow oI the ‘HANAYAMA¨ piece. piece to the hollow of the “VORTEX” piece. 9. Now, move the “HANAYAMA” piece to where it isn’t in the way. The top end of the “VORTEX” piece is clear of. Puzzle Master Cast Vortex puzzle is very popular among the puzzler community. Request the FREE solution for this item! I actually like this puzzle better than all of Hanayama level 6 puzzles with the exception of “Enigma” which is the true.

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When assembled together, each piece is unified into a flat object.

Got it yesterday, disassembled it this morning, and I’ve been completely stumped since. Solve the classic wooden ball puzzle How To: On Friday November 17th Glenn C. If you need vrtex then the solution is available here. Please enter the characters you see above: I managed to disassemble it.

This time I managed to put the three pieces together, creating something that looked like a creature from some sci-fi series, but not like the puzzle. Your Email optional, but recommended. Please only post your message once, it will be received and processed in a timely manner.


Cast Vortex

I chose it because it is truly shiny shiny! I have given this to another puzzle soltuion to play with and he has managed only the first move so far despite about an hour of play. On Wednesday February 18th Pentti wrote. I think my mind gets stuck in a rut sometimes and after a break, I am able to think outside of the box I was trapped in.

You know you want to. Eolution solution is not provided as with all the Hanayama cast puzzles and I suspect you may well need it for this one – if you do, then download it from here. After another couple of hours, I had to admit that I am an abject failure and am probably not worthy of writing a puzzle blog – I went to YouTube.

Cast Vortex | Wire & Metal Puzzles | Puzzle Master Inc

Not asking for a solution but have a weird request. Solve the Rubik’s Cube cross faster than anyone How To: After this I could investigate further and it became clear very quickly sokution this was going to be really really tough.

This video tutorial will show you exactly how to solve this mind boggling Cast Vortex puzzle, which is rated a 5 out of 6 in difficulty by Hanayama. For months I’ve been struggling to untangle it. Contact me using my contact page and I’ll try and help.

I must say that this man must have a seriously twisted brain to come up with these designs – I wouldn’t even know where to start designing vottex of these monstrosities! Anonymous 27 December at Well, i got this puzzle some 4 years ago, and it was my 2nd Hanayama puzzle, if I remember correctly.


It comes in the usual immaculate Hanayama black box and is well secured to the card within. On Tuesday February 10th Hanzi wrote. Brian has reviewed it on his blog here and Gabriel has done the same here.

Anonymous 22 July at Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level It is NOT for newbies or the faint-hearted – even experienced puzzlers will really struggle. When you first pick it up there seems to be absolutely no movement at all in the pieces and you cannot actually tell how many there are. Puzzles are there to be solved not to be displayed! Customer Reviews Write your own review!

I panicked and thought that was it solved and I had no real idea what I had done, so I uanayama reset it and worked out what move was required to get it started. If you didn’t pay attention to what you did then it is a tremendously tough one to put back together.