Star Maker is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, published in .. Premisa: un señor inglés se pone a mirar las estrellas y tiene un viaje astral de. Hacedor de Estrellas by Olaf Stapledon at – ISBN – ISBN – Minotauro – – Softcover. Title, Hacedor de estrellas. Author, Olaf Stapledon. Translated by, Gregorio Lemos. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Minotauro, ISBN,

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Stapeldon was truly a pioneer of SF for bringing us truly big ideas. When he runs out of ideas on a planet, he just says there isn’t time to tell more about it. Olaf Stapledon does not make this mistake. View all 35 comments. On the contrary I have been impressed by Stapledon’s prescience in a number of places in his oeuvre.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. The grandest vision of the universe Posted at Fantasy Literature Star Maker is perhaps the grandest and most awe-inspiring vision of the universe ever penned by a SF author, before the term even existed, in by the pioneering English writer Olaf Stapledon.

There are, obviously, some elements that date this novel. The time scale is so huge as to be unimaginable Stapledon’s imagination is also unimaginable. This is a ‘what if’ story in the best way. May 29, Weathervane rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But it is more than ‘cosmic’: If it reads more like a thought experiment than a story, that’s not inaccurate.


So, what are the right questions? He also, by proxy wanted to explore the problems and advantageous possibilities of communication between the individuals that make up a community. The forward to this book promises “more than science fiction” but, alas, the book delivers something rather less. Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient.

On some of these, he dwells for a paragraph or two in fabulous detail. My only complaint is the heavy reliance on telepathy as the medium for movement and character interaction.

I loved the complex experience of finding the Star Maker.

Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

It encompasses a vast time scale. It is ‘Who, or what, is the Star Marker? Another for the speculative reference shelf! Initially his search is fruitless, and llaf oppressive loneliness of space discourages him. Some analogy like that to Marxist industrial class relations is repeated throughout every level of the cosmos. View all 7 comments. Ada rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Technology estreklas link minds over large distances using radio would be a cool explanation.

An amazing, challenging tour of the universe through the eyes of a cosmic voyager growing gradually into a transcendent vision of Creation and Eternity.

I wish oh how I wished while I was reading this that Stapledon had been a lighter writer. I don’t know if Stapledon was familiar with Eastern mysticism and philosophy, but many of the concepts he explores are similar to concepts found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.


I’m pleased that Stapledon decided to articulate his religious musings in scientific terms, too; that’s a conjunction we rarely ever see these days. It’s a shame, because if you can keep your mind focused, there’s a lot here to like. There I really wanted to like this book, especially given its glowing reviews and being hailed as early sci-fi eztrellas lots of great ideas, etc.

I found Stapledon’s answer to have too strong a religious tinge for my taste, but it’s clearly something he and his narrator thought long and hard about.

Hacedor de Estrellas – Tapa Dura –

Would the prose be any good? Last and First Men hurt, but I’m back for more. The main story kicks off on “Other Earth”, with what seems a thinly-veiled polemic against capitalist materialism. Some narrative momentum and personal attachment is sacrificed to the remarkable breadth, but this is necessary, esterllas he gets around the problem admirably.

But somehow you do. Any student plaf Darwin should find immediate fault with mobile autotrophs. This particular edition includes a Foreword by Brian W. Maybe its just my mood.