GURPS Spaceships [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three, two, one Blast off! GURPS Spaceships is the. GURPS Spaceships (4ed) *OP [David L. Pulver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spaceship sourcebook for GURPS 4th Editon. Is gurps spaceships a good product for people wanting to do SFRPG campaigns ? I was wondering how detailed it was? Is it fairly detailed or is.

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Adjust the values proportionately for campaigns with different starting wealth.

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion

If you’re referring to railguns and dodge bonuses, I’d like to find some spaceshi;s to represent the fact that their difficulty hitting comes from being slow, dumb and easy to dodge, rather than difficult to aim. Armor can be much stronger than the core Eclipse Phase rules indicate, but a direct hit by a nuke or high velocity kinetic impactor will still one-shot even something as large as a destroyer. Privacy Policy Contact Us. Any ship computer should be able to create a firing solution without much trouble.

The choice of relative velocity is itself a tactical decision with its own tradeoffs, with kinetic-happy and risk-prone combatants seeking a fast approach. gur;s

The thrust rating of fusion and antimatter plasma rockets is much lower than that of the Eclipse Phase spacecraft descriptions, while soaceships and metallic hydrogen rockets are mostly the same.

Strategy centers on correctly guessing psaceships enemy’s capabilities while concealing your own, and in correctly timing the deployment of scarce resources. Nuclear drives are too slow and big and fusion torch drive are simply too big for such a missile. Traders, Liners, and Transports provides trade rules, and answers “How do I pay for a ship? Having a more complex conversion for skills and using a 2 or 3 d10 system would maintain the curve that GURPS is built around.


It can process one Fuel Tank system every two s;aceships. They suffer no penalty to hit from high relative velocity.

This genre guide gives you hard facts for space-based campaigns, and information for creating your own setting. Sensors don’t have perfect resolution, and that matters when you need accuracy within a few meters from thousands or tens of thousands of km away. Multiple characters can take this advantage, pooling their wealth together to afford a more expensive, co-owned ship.

That’s one of the few offensive uses for lasers; not to directly damage heavy targets, but to reach out and quickly pluck small weak targets out of the volume. J-Drives require one power point to use, though it takes approximately twenty minutes to “charge up for jump. There is never a need to buy more than one J-Drive system, except as a backup. M-Drives are bought as Standard Reactionless Engines; there are no other reactionless engines in Traveller.

It covers spaceship design, travel, and operations, along with a mapless space combat system.

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion | Eclipse Phase

Pulver Edited by Jake Steinmann. What weapons can benefit from this information at a distance where you need drones as extended antenna to get a precise location of your target?

Lasers even UV have weak damage, limiting their offensive utility to precision strikes on small targets and exposed systems. That’s assuming that drones of a similar kind should operate in localized swarms, and s;aceships spread out to the tune of 1 drone per km.

This genre guide gives you hard facts for space-based campaigns, and information for creating your own setting.

It includes dozens of new rules and design options applicable to that setting but useful for other realistic shipbuilders. Particle beams have all the speed of lasers with grups higher damage; the counter to them is stay outside their short range.

Using GURPS Spaceships in Traveller

Relative velocity and turn length are already compromises; the real determinant is simply time to closure, but that’s harder to model and would require tracking each salvo’s “time on table”.


Spaceship Design and Combat: Surf our site for the files you want. Indestructible armor does not exist. That’s really more strategic scale than what I had in mind for players, but even then you’ve got complicating factors. Written by David L. Even constant dodging can lead to mistakes accumulating in data due to problems with relative positioning.

UV lasers don’t work well in atmosphere.

If a split system is hit, make a single HT roll; either both are disabled or neither is. Many ship owners get by with older, worn ships. Ships that want a rounded survivability will have to invest just as heavily in point defense and grups.

Traders, Liners, and Transports provides civilian ships and cargo to loot or protect. Transhuman Spacecraft converts the vessels and design considerations from the Transhuman Space setting, including information on how to incorporate those craft into alternate campaigns. Certain systems may be “split” to share a single space. Privacy Policy Contact Us.

Why bother with placing them and organising in some way giving more time for PD to shoot them if you can just use telemetry from missiles to update your data on enemy ship? If you want to really kill someone far away and have enough antimatter it is better to create a relativistic or semi-relativistic kinetic projectile.

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