Gunnar Heinsohn (DE) is a sociologist and economist, who re-thinks the history and theory of civilization. Gunnar Heinsohn: Siegfried found – decoding the Nibelungen period; Slavic chronological enigmas solved – Poland’s Krakow in the 1st Millennium AD; Arthur of. Gunnar Heinsohn (born in Gdynia/Poland, emeritus professor at Universität Bremen (University of Bremen/Germany) has studied sociology, history.

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This caused an explosion of the number of welfare-dependent American families.

Gunnar Heinsohns Biography To be found here. A woman in Tunisia has 1. Upcoming Events 19 Oct 10 Mar. This means that if you take males from a country, then 30 of them will be between 15 and He is a regular guest speaker at the Malik Academy and among other things an economics expert in our master program too. They never had any chance of developing because they have always been on international support. The question is whether Germany and France will become Fifth Villages.

The moment you start discriminating, you will be dragged into each and every international court in existence. Gunnar Heinsohn is a German author, sociologist and economist and professor emeritus at the University of Bremen. So they run away. He calls Muhammad “a prophet sent to Ishmael according to God’s will”, in other words, a representative of the God of the Jews for Arabs.

Das Opfer als Ursprung der Religion in German. A study from showed that 52 per cent of the Germans between 18 and 32 wanted to leave. Sloterdijk thought that the book might pave heinaohn way for a new realism within a field that might heinsohnn labelled “Demographic Materialism”. The problem starts when families begin to produce three, four or more sons.


Gunnar Heinsohn does not give much of a chance to such a strategy. I might because I am more or less forced to stay here.

Annually about Germans leave the country, most of them for the Anglo-Saxon world. Islam does heisohn create Islamism, young Muslims do. Heinsohn has discussed the origin of modern European demographic patterns starting with an intense increase in population growth in early funnar times, leading to sub-replacement fertility at the dawn of the 21st centuryincluding an interpretation of the European witch hunts of early modern times as gunhar re-population policy of the then dominant Catholic Church after the population losses the black death had caused.

Did we sacrifice to the deities, or did we deify the sacrificed? That was the way Brandenburg secured the French Huguenots in the 17th century. Thus we have created the primary conditions for making the young men both well fed and well educated, which leads to them becoming unruly.

Similar authors to follow

In collaboration with a famous colleague in Bremen, economist Otto SteigerHeinsohn criticized the ” barter paradigm” of money. That is what they should have told the Palestinians.

Who wants to move to Russia? Then the population will se us as doing the dirty work for one side or another. And they are quite different from the Canadian ones.

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Creation of the First Millennium

However, I cannot see a similar guhnar in Europe. I have compared some numbers for you, and these show that Denmark is on the verge of Demographic Capitulation.

And as far back in history we look, we can see that this balance has been maintained by young men killing each other.


Heinsohn has published on a wide array of topics, starting from economics, demography and its relationship with security policy and genocide, and revisionist chronology theories in the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky. Gunnar Heinsohn DE is a sociologist and economist, who re-thinks the history and theory of civilization.

Please try your request again later. The welfare state cannot continue. On the origin of sacrifice and priest kingship in MesopotamiaHeinsohn suggested an explanatory model based upon a catastrophist view of ancient history and a psychoanalytic gunnsr of sacrificial rituals.

Gunnar Heinsohn — V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

If these young men successfully destroy the country’s infrastructure, it will result in poverty. That was when we opened the gates for a mass immigration of roughly speaking unqualified people. What appears easily understandable about sacrifice and what seems enigmatic? That is the same as in Denmark, but less than in France.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. You decide whether it should be five years straight, or whether you want to divide the five years into shorter periods. Demographic capitulation is when you have males aged compared to less than 80 boys aged Because there is no other place in the world that offers to pay for them.

That will put an end to innovation and put a damper yeinsohn economic growth in Europe. His publishing exceeds titels 37 books to dateamong them the praised Eigentum, Zins und Geld Property, Interest heinsogn Money, with Otto Steiger, 1st ed.