Anarchy Evolution has ratings and reviews. Michael said: Greg Graffin, through his music, has been one of my most profound personal influences. Greg Graffin, and this uniquely fascinating book.” —Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel Anarchy Evolution is a provocative look at the collision. Gregory Walter Graffin (født 6. november ) er amerikansk sanger, musiker, Evolutionists (); Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a.

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Mar 30, Zoe rated it it was amazing. I recommend this one for people with an interest in science and a fascination with how that can mix with something as creative as music. To see what your friends thought of this book, anrchy sign up. Dec 19, Michael rated it it was ok Shelves: His chapter about the first big field evplution he did in the Amazon was fantastic. But Darwin was just as emotional about his hatred of a World with God.

I’ve been reading this alongside Richard Holmes’ “Age of Wonder” which outlines the connections between various scientific explorations esoaol lateth and earlyth century England and the Romantic movementand it dawns on me that, while I firmly believe that evolution is the single greatest explanatory theory ever proposed and that scientific knowledge undeniably advances exponentially, evloution has little to do with anything.

The concluding paragraphs of his chapter 5 on Tragedy as the Construction of a Worldview are emotional, heart-breaking and heart-mending, while presenting an irrefutable argument for dramatic and revolutionary changes to our justice system and how we apply and develop empathy.


Graffin isn’t a particularly good prose writer, but his insistence on a worldview based on naturalism and biology–and, contrary to popular belief, the inherent beauty and goodness that arises from such a worldview–is a significant statement. Jun 23, Pete rated it liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book.

Greg Graffin – Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

In these chapters he presents a compelling argument about ethics and Atheism in which he proposes a myriad of reasons and ways atheists are actually more motivated than religious people to live a good life and take grafifn of the natural world i. I enjoyed it a lot! Greg Graffin is the lead singer for Bad Religion.

Where I thought this book didn’t work as well was when he was explaining scientific stuff. And Evolytion chapter specifically on atheism was interesting as well, mostly for its biographical elements.

Jan 18, Jenylin rated it liked it Shelves: Graffin weaves scientific fact and autobiographical experiences into chapters that, though meandering, never fail to return to their original point. I spent my entire adult life living with a scientist and have spent even more time listening to I eagerly bought this book as I’ve been a long time admirer of Graffin’s music, which is based around intellectual lyrics and thought provoking social commentary.

It is becoming very natural to see connections between the arts and sciences, and the trend will continue.

Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. It was with this level of admiration that I picked up his book. That being said I am not rgeg student of the teachings of evolution.


Reprint 1 de octubre de Idioma: Want to Aanarchy Currently Reading Read. Well done and highly recommended if you like Bad Religion and take interest in science and the cultural impacts of both. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sep 07, Bastian Greshake Tzovaras rated it liked it Shelves: Growing up a punk rock kid in high school, Bad Religion was and remains one of my favorite musical groups. This is more than enough motivation for me to do good things in my life and teach my children to do the dspaol. Feb 28, Ashley rated it liked it.

Anarchy Evolution

Maybe it’s because he grew up during a time where the neutralist-selectionist-debate http: Okay, maybe one last religious anarcgy from the theological giant of Bad Religion: I want to give it 5 stars since I found it enthralling and couldn’t put it down It’s obvious that he doesn’t believe in God, and there are parts where he strongly argues his position, but I didn’t feel like that was the focus of t Greg Graffin is the lead singer for Bad Religion.

But that’s no reason we can’t have a blast. The dissertation was entitled “Monism, Atheism and the Naturalist Worldview: Jan 04, Greb Holtkamp rated it really liked it.