Lucinda Margaret Grealy (June 3, – December 18, ) was an Irish- American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face in Before reading Autobiography of a Face, I’d only read one thing by Lucy Grealy. It was “The Country of Childhood” from her As Seen on TV. HEALTH – Grealy’s cancer could be considered a main character since you see it grow throughout the memoir. It follows her, speaks to her and.

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One benefit to Grealy of her many hospitalizations was that she got to skip so much school-time, so much taunting-time. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Nov 11, Alexis rated it liked it. Languages Nederlands Edit links. The photo caught me, and the story pulled me in and ultimate While reading this book, I was reminded of something my daughter used to say when she was little and she came to me after one of her brothers or a friend hurt her feelings.

Yes, she was a cancer survivor, and she was treated horribly by her peers growing up. I thought this was offensive, but didn’t say. Chemiotics II Lotsa stuff, basically scientific — molecular biology, organic chemistry, medicine neurologymath — and music.


I told her I believed that Lucy, dead and thus completely free of the worldly obstacles of vanity and rivalry, would want us to console each other. It gives me gooseflesh. It was almost as if she was excited by the idea. She writes of accidentally seeing herself in the mirror of a dressing room after one of her surgeries…. After she finished the course of treatment, she had to humiliation of being ridiculed for her facial appearance.


Sep 02, Sandra rated it really liked it. Sarah and I hugged her, trying, as we have both done all our lives, to protect her from her overwhelming despair. This is an exploration into a very interesting and intense individual far more than it is a documentary about the affects of cancer.

I think it would have felt more real, and given the reader more of a tether as to what to feel. She had not been well for years – a huge source of sadness to me. I think the main point is to be deliberate about it, to consciously choose.

Lucy Grealy – Wikipedia

I tend to really appreciate this approach in writing. It so happens that my wife used to own a children’s bookstore and has subsequently been a “young adult” librarian. Lucy received chemo on Fridays, which then involved two very painful injections administered by a physician while he was distracted by talking on the telephone.

It is also what a chaplain draws on to empathize with a patient. I found myself wondering how she could remember so clearly discussions and events from when she was so young. We had read the afterword, and it was beautiful, but Sarah had asked, “Where are we in this story? Was my partial belief preventing God from speaking to me?

Autobiography of a Face – Lucy Grealy – Google Books

I knew she was unreachably sad. Because it is mine alone, one that I don’t have to share with the hundreds of thousands of total strangers who think they understand Lucy through Ann Patchett’s personal aa point? I wish Lucy’s work had been left to stand on its own. Do you want to be more removed? One evening before that conversation, when Ann was in London, we had walked arm in arm after dinner towards Notting Hill Gate.


High school offered facce relief. I’ve wanted to read this book since reading the magazine article that precipitated it in I read it when it first came out. That was my mistake.

Our conversations became surreal. Apparently it was a misunderstanding. I spent most of the book so consumed by frustration for Lucy’s mother and Lucy’s own perceptions that I couldn’t allow myself to feel anything else for her.

This is a book about identity. She is walking with my mother and me in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, near where my mother lived for many years.

I would have liked to know about Greely as an adult. Notify me of new comments via email. When Lucy died, I was already suffocating with loss.

Grexly is a bit of distance here between the author and her emotions, but with such an intense, long-lasting trauma, a bit of distance may have been the only way that Grealy could have written her tale. The surgery and chemo helped save her life autobiogeaphy left her with disfiguring scars.

I learned, too, how easily readers would accept it as the only true vantage point. I want to go back to the stoicism.