The Gracie Combatives course is comprised of 36 lessons covering the core techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Completion of the lessons and mastery of the. Please indicate if you also have other bjj training. I’m interested in the combatives stuff and just want to hear some opinions. Little Champs (ages ) | Tuesday and Thursday | pm. Jr. Grapplers ( ages ) | Monday and Thursday | pm. Combatives (Beginner Adults) .

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Though right now at GB premiun, rookies are not suppous to roll befero 3 or 4 months If you knew the basics and were comfortable on the ground by drilling techniques and fight simulation drills for hrs before competing for sparring you would be much less like to injure yourself. Also the fact that GC teaches techniques that will work against an unskilled opponent is nullified by the fact that techniques that work on a skilled opponent who is actively looking to thwart your use of those techniques, will also work on an unskilled opponent.

My Experience with both Gracie Combatives and Sport BJJ

I am glad I have done both. It cannot be, it covers many techniques in only 2 combatjves. Now onto the training in a garage vs training in a school controversy.

You wrote graccie article to make yourself feel better about training at a combatives school because you have been getting womped ggracie at tournaments by “sport bjj” players. To really get technique clean and crisp you have to drill, drill, drill, drill I thought I would share my experiences and opinion since periodically someone will come on the board, ask questions, and get some very one sided answers from people who really have no experience with both.


Nov 26, Messages: The Gracie Combatives are really just a selection of the original self defense techniques taught by Helio and are not designed to be used against someone who knows BJJ.

Comgatives my opinion it is very hard to pick up “clean” technique in a school. Jul 28, Messages: Mar 7, Messages: Without someone watching and catching your mistakes you will probably just think you’re doing great, but really it could be better.

What I get most out of class is the sparring.

Schedule|Pricing – Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

It could be that you just found a club which doesn’t drill much. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has gone through a metamorphosis and has been adapted to fit the current competition environment. They spend as much as 30 minutes to one hour on a single lesson including explanation, demonstration, details, and drills. They are not meant for sport competition, but they are still the original Gracie techniques as taught by Helio not all of them, 36 of them to be exact.

I’m glad I go to a school that teaches BJJ, period, that I’ve used literally dozens of times in self defense and succeeded well in tournaments using. My that was a confusing sentence. I quite like the combatitives program. GC seems like it would be good for girlfriends or kids to comfortably learn some basics in a home environment, but would be rather useless as a supplement to real training.

Knowing something than nothing is better, and GC will fill the gap if real BJJ school is out of reach. DraimanJul 25, Jun 3, Messages: How many combativew you have been injured multiple times or re-injured and had to take some significant time off training?

  KMK 3045 PDF

I think the studen has to has at least the most basic concepts down before starting to roll, such as what is a guard Vitamin CJul 25, Discussion in ‘ Grappling Technique ‘ started by PotentialJul 24, I doubt that any BJJ instructor is going to have the time or means to make a set nearly as detailed as the Combatives. Of course, but their are techniques in the Combatives that are more effective in this very specific situation.

I believe in sparring. Sparring is just applying what you’ve drilling into memory.


That combined with class would be a great combo. It’s okay though, they were really sneaky with their sweeps that you were never taught If the one huge selling point is that Grace Combatives focuses on drilling crisp techniques, I have to tell you that there are plenty of “sport” BJJ schools that focus on drilling crisp techniques; give you time to drill the techniques; teach you solid, useful BJJ technique; and allow you to roll each class.

Everyone can walk away unscathed usually and do it again the next day.