Syllabus for GPAT Paper. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal. GPAT results are announced!!!! Click here to know your result!! For GPAT material, stay tuned to this site after NIPER-JEE [ ]. The GPAT question paper will consist of one hundred fifty ( Nos.) a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects ( as per the syllabus given in.

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Drugs acting on the Gastrointestinal Tract: Packaging components, types, specifications and methods of evaluation, stability aspects of packaging. Biological, marine, mineral and plant tissue cultures as sources of drugs; Classification of Drugs: Pharma with scholarship at good university?

Khandelwal ; Farnsworth et al. Infectious Diseases- Tuberculosis, Urinary tract infections, Enteric infections, Upper respiratory infections. Drugs used in the management of congestive cardiac failure, Antihypertensive drugs, Anti-anginal and Vasodilator drugs, including calcium channel blockers and beta adrenergic antagonists, Anti-arrhythmic drugs, Anti-hyperlipedemic drugs, Drugs used in the therapy of shock.

Fluid and electrolyte balance, Diuretics. Microbiology at a glance GPAT Banker and Christopher T. If on an addition of a solution of potassium dichromate in test filtrate, dark color is developed, tannins are present. When few drops of this reagent were added to the test filtrate, a brown color precipitate was formed indicating the presence of alkaloids.

Design of fermentation process.

TIPS 2 CRACK GPAT – Gpat India

Antacids, Anti-secretory and Anti-ulcer drugs, Laxatives and anti-diarrhoeal drugs, Appetite Stimulants and Suppressants, Emetics and anti-emetics, Miscellaneous: Applications of plant tissue culture in pharmacognosy. Yellow color is obtained, if proteins are present.

Hematinics, Anticoagulants, Vitamin K and hemostatic agents, Fibrinolytic and anti-platelet drugs, Blood and plasma volume expanders. Nomenclature, isomerism, stereoisomerism, conformational and configurational isomerism, optical activity, specification of configuration, Reactions involving stereoisomers, chirality, conformations; Stereoselective and stereospecific reactions; Structure, Nomenclature, Preparation and Reactions of: Eligibility for IIT M.


Bioavailability studies and bioavailability testing protocol and procedures. Hypothalamic and pituitary hormones, Thyroid hormones and anti thyroid drugs, parathormone, calcitonin and Vitamin D, Insulin, glucagons, incretins, oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin analogs, ACTH and corticosteroids, Androgens and anabolic steroids, Estrogens, progesterone and oral contraceptives, Drugs acting on the uterus.

In-vitro dissolution studies for solid dosage forms methods, interpretation of dissolution data. The printed form should be filled up only after reading all the instructions to fill it first which is available in the web and then following them while filling.

GPAT 2012 Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table

How and Where To Get the Results? Non-linear pharmacokinetics with special reference to one compartment model after I. Violet or pink color is formed, if proteins are present. Industrial dermatitis, Accident records etc.


Zero, First and Second order reactions, complex reactions, theories of reaction kinetics, characteristics of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, acid base and enzyme catalysis; Quantum Mechanics: Utilization and production of phyto-constituents such as quinine, calcium sennosides, podophyllotoxin, diosgenin, solasodine, and tropane alkaloids.

Novel medicinal agents from marine sources. Entrance Exams fof Education and Career in India.

Isolation of fermentation products with special reference to penicillins, streptomycins tetracyclines and vitamin B Follow this pattern for whole paper. Infectious Diseases – Tuberculosis, Urinary tract infections, Enteric infections, Upper respiratory infections.

Biological sources, preparation, identification tests and uses pharmayc the following gor Formulation, preparation and packaging of cosmetics for skin, hair, dentifrice and manicure preparations like nail polish, nail polish remover, Lipsticks, eye lashes, baby care products etc. Stabilization and stability testing protocol for various pharmaceutical products. Common vernacular names, botanical sources, morphology, chemical nature of chief constituents, pharmacology, categories and common uses and marketed formulations of following indigenous drugs: Compartment model- Definition and Scope.

  LEY 437-06 PDF

Hammond Organic Chemistry by R. FinarWilsion -Gisvold, foye, D.

GPAT Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table | GPAT | Exam & Results

The test tube syllwbus shaken for few minutes. These filtrates were then used for alkaloid detection. Kinetic theory of gases, deviation from ideal behavior and explanation; The Liquid State: Numerical problems on yields; Dehumidification and Humidity Control: Concepts of oxidation and reduction, Redox reactions, Strengths and equivalent weights of oxidizing and reducing agents, Theory of redox titrations, Redox indicators, Cell representations, Measurement of electrode potential, Oxidation-reduction curves, Iodimetry and Iodometry, Titrations involving cerric ammonium sulphate, potassium iodate, potassium bromate, potassium permanganate; titanous chloride, stannous chloride and Sodium 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol; Precipitation Titrations: Endocrine Disorders – Diabetes mellitus and Thyroid disorders.

Role of plant-based drugs on National economy: Just believe in yourself. Quality Control of Crude Drugs: Principle and applications of refrigeration and air conditioning; Material of Construction: Metals as cofactors and their significance; Carbohydrate Metabolism: Advantages and disadvantages of tablets, Application of different types of tablets, Formulation of different types of tablets, granulation, technology sylpabus large-scale by various techniques, different types of tablet compression machinery and the equipments employed, evaluation of tablets.

Automated Process Control Systems: What are the various entrance exams for B. Types of dor, importance of microencapsulation in pharmacy, microencapsulation by phase separation, coacervation, multi-orifice, spray drying, spray congealing, polymerization complex emulsion, air suspension technique, coating pan and other techniques, evaluation of micro capsules. Important Dates Tentative Online Application website opens: