After many years of R&D, Goodyear has developed the Aquatred, an innovative new tire. However, the tire industry has matured and evolved, raising questions. Goodyear Aquarted tyre launch case anaalysis by rishi Contemplating the launch for the Aquatred, an innovative tire providing improved driving traction under wet driving conditions, Goodyear needs.

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However, the tire industry has matured and evolved, raising questions concerning the Aquatred’s ability to gain support from Goodyear’s independent tire dealers. Students must use information on channel evolution and consumer behavior to make two decisions: Also explores issues involved in managing a complex distribution structure during a time of rapid change.

The Aquatred Launch Caxe.

Goodyear Aquatred Case Analysis

Quelch and Katherine B. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. Finance Globalization Health Care.


Finance General Management Marketing. Technology and Operations Management. The Aquatred Launch Condensed Goodyear is planning to launch an innovative new tire in a price sensitive and highly competitive category.

The case deals with channel conflicts and management issues arising in mature product categories. About the Author John A.

CFI-M could expand aggressively by mass marketing to the general population. A more conservative approach would use targeted communications and promotions.

Diaz needs to build an argument for a specific growth strategy and recommend which marketing investments CFI-M should pursue. The case can be used to discuss strategy, positioning, and marketing communications, which are relevant aquarred considering alternative strategies for growth.

The auqatred touches on the potential benefits and risks of each option given the competitive landscape, customer perceptions, and demand determinants.

Students should find the product and distribution easy to understand, but the international market context provides a unique opportunity to apply core marketing principles.


Business Articles: Goodyear’s Aquatred Tire

The case is recommended for upper-level undergraduate students or first-year MBA students studying marketing strategy. It can also be used in a course on international marketing. Cite View Details Purchase Related. Cite View Details Educators Purchase.

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