Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series: Books Phantom & Confessor [Terry Goodkind, Sam Tsoutsouvas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Phantom by Terry Goodkind is the tenth book in the Sword of Truth series, and book two of the Chainfire Trilogy. It was first released on July 18, , and. The Paperback of the Phantom (Sword of Truth Series #10) by Terry Goodkind at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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As an overall rating for this series I only give it 2 stars. But Kahlan learns that if she ever were to unlock the truth of her lost identity, then evil itself would finally possess her, body and soul. I eagerly devoured book after book. To those seeking the truth, it’s a matter of simple, rational, self-interest to always keep reality in view.

When I was working tfuth a newspaper editor, we would get many, many, many articles written by freelancers hoping to sell one to us. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. I don’t need the same conversation to take phantmo between different sets of characters in each book.

Following the hit sales of the other books in the Sword of Truth series, Tor rancopies in Phantom’ s first printing. Sword of Truth 10Das Schwert der Wahrheit If I wanted to read intentional allegory and commentary on social events, I would do so but I don’t enjoy it in my fiction.

Customers who viewed this item tery viewed. The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world. As usual with Goodkind, his lovingly detailed portrayal of the depravity of his villain is so over-the-top as to be comical–when I’m not wondering why Goodkind loves to focus on rape so much.

You have no moral high ground to stand upon when you order an army to murder innocents.

As a long time reader of the series and not always a fan, necessarily I enjoyed the references to characters which had been left by the wayside long ago, who I thought were forgotten.

The division of the Imperial Order rejoins the main forces, now laying siege on the People’s Palace.

Sword of Truth 10. Phantom by Terry Goodkind

The Sliph instigates “emergency measures” instilled in her thousands of years ago by First Wizard Barracus and shunts Richard to an emergency escape portal somewhere in the wilds close to the land of the Night Wisps. The three Sisters of the Dark and Kahlan follow Sister Tovi’s trail to Caska, where they are surprised to find not Tovi who has been dead since the end of the previous bookbut Jagang waiting for them.


I decided I didn’t care what happens to Richard and Kahlan, and decided all good things must end. It follows Chainfire and is followed by Confessor.

Phantom (Sword of Truth, #10) by Terry Goodkind

After building up the armies of the Order to the point where they truly are unstoppable, Goodkind deftly sidesteps the issue of confronting them with Richard’s shocking advice to the D’Haran troops – and it absolutely works for the reader.

Terry Goodkind is a master story teller. Is it possible for a man to shove his head so far up his own ass that it pops back out the other end where it belongs? Before Nicci can tell anyone that the spell was indeed corrupted, the deadly beast that Jagang had created to hunt Richard appears in the room. Refresh and try again.

I found that Goodkind was more anti-religion in this book than he had been in any of the others, not that he’s been favorable in the past. A scene that SHOULD be very tense and fast-paced as Richard realizes something is wrong, while Nicci is literally being torn apart from the inside out, is, instead a slow, extremely dull, long-winded, over-analyzed, and talked to death expanse of literary vomit that is a chore to read.

Despite the other three’s refusal of his analysis, he is able to disable the spell to release Nicci before the spell kills her. What she uncovers are secrets darker than she could ever have imagined.

I’d write a review but then I’d have to stop reading Confessor long enough to do that and sadly, I can’t This ends up having some meaning later, but it takes so long to get to the point it feels like drudgery getting to it.

May 11, Corfy rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a bit of a time-sensitive situation, because they don’t know how long Jagang and the Sisters of the Dark will be occupied. However, it is intercut with ridiculous amounts of completely unnecessary exposition, and roundabout conversations about emblems that just go on, and on, and on, forever.


The emotions I felt reading this varied. It’s one of the main reasons why I like his work so much and why I recommend the Sword of Truth Series to anyone and everyone. You know, where he basically flat out told us it was creepy, and did nothing else other than that to build up the sense of it. How do you come up with these storylines Goodkind. There’s no closure again – the plot continues in the next volume. Phantom Sword of Truth Series Author s: I don’t think that I’ve ever read a book where the author intentionally tried to use the title of his book throughout the text.

I’m about 60 pages in, and in those 60 pages, there have been about 5 pages of actual, relevant content.

It’s creepy, with a really cool atmosphere. If so much time wasn’t spent on repeating morals and the authors view of philosophy, then the books would be probably half phanhom size. Back goodkiind the Wizard’s Keep, while discussing Richard’s desire to save Kahlan, Zedd states that even though Richard is trying hard, Kahlan is as good as dead.

Because he has no business editing for a big publishing house. They tell each other things they’ve already told other characters.

Phantom (Sword of Truth) – Wikipedia

Jul 22, Icarus rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Does he truly not understand how goodkjnd authority works, or does he just think we’re stupid and will never think to question.

I don’t think that I’ve sworx read a book where the author intentionally tried to use the title of his book throughout the text. Jul 12, Keith rated it liked it Recommends it for: I’m not the first to point out that every single novel in this series centers on Richard struggling to avoid losing ggoodkind freedom and Kahlan struggling to avoid being sexually assaulted.

It seems evident that he both cares deeply about these passages and spends a lot of time trying to get them right, which makes his failure that much starker and more embarrassing.